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Top Findings from NRF: Retail’s Big Show 2023

nrf-2023-bannerAfter a bustling few days at the National Retail Federation: Retail’s Big Show 2023, the MobileDemand team felt one thing was certain; in order to stay ahead of the game, retailers must find ways to adapt to the ever-changing needs of consumers while navigating the uncertain economic times. We identified our top three ways to stay ahead of the retail game. 

1. Modernize brick-and-mortar stores with mobile POS 

We heard from directors of a national furniture store that a mobile POS solution, like the MobileDemand Surface Go xCase for Retail with MagTek iDynamo (currently in the DfS Certification process) would save substantial time on their sales floor. Salespeople would no longer need to walk a customer back-and-forth to the stationary computer, they could look up product information anywhere in the store. Removing workers from the fixed POS stations improves customer satisfaction, and in turn, the chance of repeat customers. 

During the Exhibitor Big Ideas session, Building and Deploying Mobile POS and RFID Natively, Ben Pivar, Carter’s Inc. SVP and CIO, detailed the launch of a mobile POS solution across its 1,000+ stores. The solutions reduced the footprint of their cash wrap, creating a sleeker setup and more modern layout in stores. Further, Carter’s has seen increase customer satisfaction and is seeing 30% faster checkout speeds, according to Pivar — “maybe even faster than that.” 

2. Expand frontline worker abilities with multi-use devices 

Another point of discussion was the difficulty in retaining workers. Attendees sought solutions to facilitate services provided by a more limited workforce. For example, a worker who mans the salesfloor, equipped with a rugged tablet for product lookup, can easily complete transactions and take payments when the checkout line becomes congested. During slower times, the worker can take their same device to the backroom and assist in shipping and receiving thanks to the device’s integrated barcode scanner. Utilizing a single device for multiple functions enables easier training, essential for a limited workforce. 

3. Engage with companies providing full solutions 

Attendees want technology leader’s individual best-of-breed products to work seamlessly together for a complete solution. Through our partnership with MagTek, a leading world supplier of secure payment technology, an xTablet T1190 with integrated 3-1, tDynamo payment module was used to show attendees a complete, mobile point-of-sale solution. Attendees explained that being able to see a complete, ready-to-deploy solution and hold it in their hands made it much easier to envision the solution working in their unique environments. 

Further, we partner with the world’s leading suppliers of enterprise grade devices, including Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Samsung and Apple, providing rugged protection and productivity add-ons. Our partnerships with Honeywell and Intel transform these world-class devices into barcode scanners and mobile dimensioners. Our patented Snap-Mount System pairs with RAM Mounts to enable quick transitions between mobile and stationary use. 

Didn’t get a chance to connect with us at the show? Contact MobileDemand or call 319-363-4121 to learn more about our productivity enhancing solutions.