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A merchant uses a mobile point of sale

Mobile Point of Sale

Completing an order outside with a mobile point of sale

Rugged Tablet Accessories

Rugged Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Serve guests inside, outside, or curbside with mobile POS.

MobileDemand’s rugged solutions provide quick, safe and secure cashless transactions at the point of interactions, helping to decrease wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

POS solutions available for select MobileDemand devices. Contact us for availability. 


Rugged in Retail

Serve your customers anywhere with rugged technology that performs everywhere.

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Multi-Functional Rugged Tablets

Mobile POS Key Advantages


Increase Footprint

Take your mobile POS to outdoor tents, sidewalks, the sales floor, parking lot events and more. Mobility gives your sales team a larger footprint to engage with more customers. 


Ease of Expansion

Mobile POS devices are lower cost than traditional checkout and payment options, allowing faster implementation of additional stores with minimal investment. 

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Increase Conversions

Increase sales and personalize service by assisting customers with product details information, availability and delivery dates during face-to-face interactions. 



Fatigue can quickly become a factor during the workday. Our mobile POS devices are equipped with an easy carry briefcase handle and back hand strap for a safe and comfortable grip. 

A merchant uses a mobile point of sale

Mobile POS

Multi-Functional Rugged Tablets

Equip your frontline staff with a single rugged device that can do it all, from taking payments to receiving inventory.

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Payment Device

Generate sales, upsell and complete transactions anywhere on the floor with a variety of payment options.

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Barcode Scanner

Easily scan incoming or stored inventory with an integrated or wearable, high-performance barcode scanner.

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NFC Module

Track inventory assets and employee attendance, enable device sign-in and scan loyalty cards with an integrated NFC module.


3-1 Payment Devices

For swipe, insert or tap.

Give customers payment options with an integrated 3-1 payment device from MagTek. These versatile, secure card reader authenticators accept swipe, chip and tap for added payment flexibility.
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An illustration showcasing various bracket option


Payment Brackets

For added customer data privacy.

Attach a payment bracket to your rugged device to securely house popular POS modules from Ingenico and Verifone. The brackets rotate 180 degrees allowing customers to privately enter payment data.


Magnetic Stripe Readers

For additional customer details.

Need to capture additional customer information? Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSRs) are a popular solution for tracking customer membership and loyalty cards.

A tablet with a magstripe reader

eBook: 6 Brilliant Ways to Serve Your Customers and Make a Profit

Modernizing transactional technology to do more in a smaller, lighter, more durable manner is vital for success—and survival. The answer? Multi-functional rugged tablets for your frontline staff. 



Smoothie King

“We tested a MobileDemand mobile POS solution at one franchise and brought in an additional $70,000+ in one year.”

Jon Gordon,
Smoothie King Director of Architecture and Security