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Forklift Mounted Rugged Tablets

A man in a forklift using a Mobile Demand rugged tablet

Strength. Value. Performance.

Forklift Mounted Tablet Bundles

We know speed and efficiency are top priorities in your business, so we developed a bundled solution for forklift mounted rugged tablets to keep costs low and get your workers equipped as quickly as possible.

Designed with value pricing in mind, this all-in-one solution includes a ruggedized tablet, mount and power supply plus multiple scanner options; everything you need to enhance operational workflows and increase productivity in your facilities. 

Bundle Advantages

Get a complete, bundled solutions all from a one-stop-shop.


Enhance Productivity

Streamline operations with a solution that eliminates manual data entry and optimizes workflow efficiency.  


Increase Durability 

Reduce downtime caused by device failure or damage with a solution built to withstand demanding environments.  

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Cost Savings 

Save on capital expenses with a value-priced bundled solution. We ensure you receive all the necessary components at a competitive price.  


Seamless Integration 

Seamlessly integrate into your existing systems and workflows with easy connectivity compatibility across multiple platforms.  

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Forklift Mounting Bundles

An all-in-one comprehensive solution for optimal workflow functionality and operational success. 

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Rugged tablets

Bundle Feature

Rugged Tablet

Bundles begin with your choice of a military-grade rugged xTablet or a variety of brand name devices including Windows-based Microsoft Surface, or Android-based Samsung and Lenovo.

Each device is protected by MobileDemand’s world-class, military drop tested rugged xCase, featuring shock-absorbing rubber corner bumpers, rigid shell and sealed ports for the ultimate durability. 

Bundle Feature

Barcode Scanner

Boost pick times with barcode scanners.

Attach the *xScanHandle G200 to ruggedized devices or use it separately via Bluetooth connectivity. Work hands-free with the ProGlove MARK 3 wearable scanner. Forklifts operators can easily scan barcodes from a variety of distances without ever leaving the cab thanks to the high-performance, long-range scanners.

*xScanHandle G200 estimated availability Q2 2024. 


Bundle Feature

Forklift Mount

Mobilize warehouse workflows with new forklift mounting technology.

Built sturdy to withstand the steady vibration of life on a forklift, our durable tablet mounting solutions feature a quick release design allowing the rugged device to be easily mounted and removed in an instant. Heavy duty RAM® components can be fully articulated and provide incredibly strong support. 

Bundle Feature

Power Supply

Keep your tablet running continuously with your choice of external battery kits or a variety of Lind direct wire power supplies built for your unique work requirements. The kits are designed to complement all MobileDemand rugged tablets and brand name tablets available with our rugged cases. 
A worker operates a forklift with a Rugged Tablet attached


Ultimate Guide to Rugged Tablet Forklift Mounting 

The true potential of rugged devices is unlocked only when they’re deployed in the most effective manner. Enter rugged tablet forklift mounting. This eBook is a comprehensive resource, shedding light on the nuances of effectively and safely mounting tablets on forklifts. 

Download eBook