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Rugged xCases and Bundles for Microsoft Surface

microsoft surface go and pro devices in rugged cases

Rugged xCase and Bundle for Surface

Real World Protection and Productivity for Microsoft Surface

Expand the capabilities of the world-class line of Microsoft Surface tablets with rugged protection, unlimited mounting capabilities and productivity enhancing add-ons. The Designed for Surface Certified xCase is all you need to achieve more with your Microsoft device, in more industries than ever before.

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Proven Rugged

Certified to MIL-STD-810G drop standards, the hard plastic outer shell, inner silicone rubber boot and corner bumpers combine to provide superior Surface protection.

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Includes an easy-carry briefcase handle and back hand strap with elastic bands for secure, comfortable device control on the move or in-use.

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Remove the bottom Snap Wall to easily attach a keyboard, transforming the Surface into a rugged laptop. Reattach Snap Wall for complete protection when keyboard is removed. 

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Mounting is made easy with the quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting virtually anywhere.

Surface case with expanded parts

Take the Surface xCase for a Spin

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Microsoft Surface Rugged xCases

What's the difference between Standard and Premium xCases?

The included accessories. The Standard xCase accessories include the Briefcase Handle, Back Hand Strap, Type Cover Loop and Snap Mount Plate. The Premium xCase includes the Standard accessories plus an Easel, Stylus Holder and Tether.

What is included in a bundle?

Bundles come with your preferred Surface device, xCase and any add-ons preinstalled and setup, so your device is ready to use right away.

Which xCase will fit my Surface?

To ensure you are selecting the correct xCase, download the compatibility chart


Surface Bundles

Rugged Right Out-of-the-Box

For a hassle-free experience, let our team handle the installation.
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Screen Protector

Choose between a standard or anti-glare premium glass screen protector, both protect from scratches and chips.

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Rugged xCase

Get started with your Surface the second it arrives by having our team install the xCase for you.   

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Select from a variety of productivity enhancing add-ons, preinstalled by our team.


Productivity Enhancements

Do More with Multi-Functional Add-Ons

With all the features and add-on productivity tools the question is, what can't the xCase do?

Barcode Scanner

Read barcodes with an integrated high-performance Honeywell® barcode scanner, offering greater range, quick scan speeds, and the ability to read a vast array of barcodes.

Learn More about Scanning Solutions

Payment Device

Give customers payment options with an integrated 3-1 payment device from MagTek. The versatile, secure card reader authenticators accept swipe, chip and tap for added payment flexibility.

Payment Bracket

Attach a payment bracket to the Surface to securely house popular POS modules from Ingenico and Verifone. The brackets rotate 180 degrees allowing customers to privately enter payment data.

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Equip your frontline workers with an integrated Magstripe Reader (MSR) from MagTek to swipe customer membership and loyalty cards anywhere.

NFC Module

Track employee attendance, grant access to restricted areas, scan loyalty cards and track tagged assets with an rf IDEAS NFC reader.

3D Camera

Capture dimensions of boxes, irregular items and pallets with the xDIM Mobile software paired with an integrated Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera.


Surface Add-On Compatibility

Download the chart to determine which Surface device types are compatible with each productivity enhancing add-on.

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Success Story

HVAC Service Company Enhances Efficiency with xCase for Surface Go with Payment Device

Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing has been serving central and south Texas since 1950 with one goal in mind: ensuring customers get their money’s worth. That value is embodied in everything they do, down to the solutions used by field technicians. 

Case Study
A microsoft surface wiht case add ons layed out in a display

Designed for Surface Certified

Microsoft Authorized Device Reseller

The Microsoft Authorized Device Reseller (ADR) program was created to empower partners like MobileDemand to resell Surface devices to commercial customers as part of their overall customer solution offering. Surface resellers are an innovative partner ecosystem that sell Surface devices and accessories to enterprise customers of all sizes. 

MobileDemand is certified to resell Surface Pro and Surface Go devices, along with various accessories and warranties. 

Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

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“The ability to drop the Surface from 6 feet in the air and it still turns on and operates just fine is amazing. This has been a budget-conscious life saver."

Alexander Fairfield

Director of Operations, Northglenn Ambulance

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“We are absolutely loving our Surface Go setups with the MagTek tDynamo card readers. They have greatly increased our efficiency and productivity.”

Kirt Lamontagne

HVAC Service Manager, Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing

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“Processing and scanning speeds have increased drastically with the Surface Go devices from the old hardware.”

Mike Fischer

Director of Operations, RLS Logistics