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xTablet T8650

The rugged xTablet T8650

Rugged xTablet T8650

Proven Performer in the Field

The xTablet T8650’s compact, easy-to-carry design makes it a popular choice for highly mobile operations requiring critical functionality and unyielding performance in the field. 
Rugged Tablet Icom

Proven Rugged

Certified to MIL-STD-810G drop standards, the xTablet T8650 keeps working as hard as you, drop after drop.

Barcode icon

Barcode Scanner

Optional, integrated Honeywell high-performing barcode scanner increases the productivity of your mobile workforce with quick and easy data capture.

Scan handle icon

Scan Handle

Add a Bluetooth powered, cordless scan handle for fast data capture. Powered by a 2,000 mAh battery for hours of continuous use.

Credit Card Icon

Integrated MSR

Take payments and complete transactions anywhere with an integrated MSR.

Battery icon

Long Life Battery

Stay powered up through an entire shift with XL batteries. (Battery life varies significantly depending on settings, usage, and other factors.)

LTE icon

LTE Connectivity

Stay connected, access mission-critical data and keep lines of communication open whether in the office or the field with LTE-enabled rugged tablets.

Mount Icon


Mounting is made easy with the quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting virtually anywhere.

Windows OS Icon

Windows LTSC

The LTSC edition of Windows enables deployment options for special or single-purpose devices and environments.

A man scans items in a warehouse A worker uses a tablet in a sterile evironment

Next Generation Toughness

Engineered for the Frontline Worker

Designed and tested to perform in the most demanding industries, a single xTablet T8650 passed the MIL-STD-810G drop test from 4 feet, ensuring dependability for applications where downtime is not an option. 
Person's hand holding scan handle with xtablet t8650 in warehouse

xTablet Features

Impeccably Designed

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Less than 2 pounds, compact form factor with briefcase handle and back hand strap for all day easy carry. 

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Hot Swappable Batteries

10-hour hot swappable batteries allow for uninterrupted workflow. 

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Powerful Bluetooth

With upgraded Wi-Fi and optional add-ons, it’s built to perform seamlessly with all your connection needs.

The T86 mounted

Product Feature


Mounting is in our DNA.

Easily mount the xTablet T8650 with our patented quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere. 

Product Feature

Magstripe Reader

Take payments anywhere.

Keep your workers mobile with an integrated Magstripe Reader (MSR) from MagTek. Swipe loyalty cards, take payments and complete transactions anywhere.
The T86 barcode scanner

Product Feature

Barcode Scanner

Mobile data capure.

Transform the xTablet T8650 into a mobile data capture powerhouse with an integrated, high-performance Honeywell scanner.

Looking for More Details?

For detailed technical specifications, download the xTablet T8650 data sheet, which provides comprehensive information on performance and capabilities. 
A tablet and a phone interact in an outdoor setting

Success Story

Rugged, Mobile POS Hardware Supports Car Wash Customer Revenue

For over 30 years, Ohio-based DRB®, a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) software for car washes, has driven massive growth in the car wash industry. DRB functions as an all-in-one, turn-key POS solution provider for their car wash customers. 

Case Study Coming Soon

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