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a rugged tablet mounted to a forklift

Rugged Tablet Mounting

Close up of a rugged tablet mount

Rugged Tablet Accessories

Rugged Tablet Mounting Solutions

Mounting is in our DNA.

MobileDemand xTablets and xCases offer the flexibility to be both mobile and mountable. Our patented Snap Mount System enables secure mounting nearly anywhere. Whether it's a wall, desk, cart, vehicle or forklift, we have a solution to meet your unique needs.

Close up of the rugged tablet mounting system

Mounting in a Snap

Our patented quick-release Snap Mount System enables tablet mounting nearly anywhere. The Snap Plate comes standard on our rugged xCases for Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, Lenovo Tab K10 and Apple iPad as well as nearly all our xTablets.

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Rugged tablet forklift mount example

Product Feature

Forklift Mount

Safe and secure.

We offer non-powered and powered options utilizing a variety of docks and power supply kits tailored to each device and forklift voltage. Heavy duty RAM® components can be fully articulated and provide an incredibly strong support needed for life on the road or warehouse floor. Keyboard mounts and rugged keyboards are available for even more production capabilities.

Product Feature

Magnetic Mount

Versatile and mobile.

The industrial strength Magnetic Mount provides a safe, secure and versatile mounting solution for MobileDemand's rugged tablets and cases without having to drill holes. Designed with powerful magnets that securely mount to any magnetic metals found throughout the facility including metal wides, sides of machinery and vehicles. 

Magnetic Mount can support up to approximately 50 pounds. 
Magnetic rugged tablet mount
Man in forklift with rugged tablet mount


Ultimate Guide to Rugged Tablet Forklift Mounting

The true potential of rugged devices is unlocked only when they’re deployed in the most effective manner. Enter rugged tablet forklift mounting. This eBook is a comprehensive resource, shedding light on the nuances of effectively and safely mounting tablets on forklifts.

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Product Feature

Stationary Mount

For mounting anywhere.

When we say we can mount anywhere, we mean it. With the stationary fixed mount, you can mount your device on POS stations and counters to work areas and carts. The stationary mount keeps your device secure yet easily mobile when needed.

Product Feature

Vehicle Mount

No drilling needed.

Easily attach the rugged base to the passenger seat floor bolt for a convenient, secure, no-drill solution. A double socket arm provides full articulation for precise tablet positioning. The Quick Release Snap Rail allows the tablet to be easily inserted and removed from the mount for quick transitions from mounted to mobile when out in the field.
Man in forklift with rugged tablet

Forklift Mount Value Bundles

Looking for a turnkey solution? We’ve got you covered.

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Barcode Scanner

Effortlessly streamline your inventory management with our rugged tablets equipped with high-performance barcode scanners.

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Forklift Mount

Secure and optimize your tablet usage on forklifts with our robust and reliable forklift mounts.

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Power Supplies

Ensure uninterrupted productivity in challenging environments with our durable power supplies tailored for rugged tablets.

The T1180 rugged tablet mounted on a forklift

Product Feature

Additional Enhancements

Keep your tablet running throughout the entire workday with a variety of power options. Add a mounted keyboard for easier data input.

  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Powered docks
  • Direct wire kits
  • External battery packs

Success Story

Commercial Printer Increases Productivity with Forklift Mounted Rugged Tablets

With over 700 employees and more than 30 forklifts involved in their daily operations, Minnesota-based, commercial printer Japs-Olson saw room for improvement in terms of their forklift-mounted computers not performing throughout their entire facility.

Case Study Coming Soon

Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

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“MobileDemand gave us a sense that they’d clearly done this before. It gave us a lot of comfort in moving forward knowing they were there to support us and had a high-quality tablet solution.”

Chris Peddicord

Director of Enterprise Technology and Compliance, Japs-Olson

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“I could not find a rugged case that had a vehicle mounting option. Once I found your products, including the Snap Rail, I knew that I had a winning platform.”

Kirt Lamontagne

HVAC Service Manager, Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing

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“We first had to prove that we could successfully mount the tablets to the forklifts and ensure the mounted tablet was easy to use. Once we got acceptance, it was an easily repeatable process to get them deployed in the field.”

Jeff Dominiak

Infrastructure Project Manager, Baillie Lumber