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xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Software

Person dimensioning bucket with xDIM Person dimensioning pallet with xDIM

xDIM Mobile

Modern, Mobile, Multi-Mode Dimensioning

xDIM is a modern dimensioning system that quickly and accurately captures dimensions of boxes, irregulars, small items and pallets anywhere.

This mobile solution enables an entirely new workflow with the ability to capture all necessary data including dimensions, weights and pictures at the product location—even at the upper levels of your shelving. No more bringing items to-and-from a stationary dimensioner. 

Mobile Dimensioning Benefits

Ditch the Fixed Dimensioner

xDIM goes where you go—whether you’re near the rafters or on the warehouse floor.

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Increase Mobility & Agility

Measure items (lxwxh) where they are, no more moving to-and-from a stationary dimensioner. Capture all pertinent item data in a single application with a multi-functional rugged device. 

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Improve Revenue, Cut Costs

Reduce shipping surcharges with reliable, accurate dimensional data. Retire costly, stationary single-mode dimensioners from your workflow. 

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Optimize Space & Time

Enhance warehouse slotting and storage space utilization. Improve TI-HI pallet configuration with accurate dimensions.

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Modernize Workflows

View data in real time and integrate with existing WMS or PIMS system. Segment and identify items quickly and accurately with Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Comparison of xdim mobile dimensioning and stationary dimensioner

40% Faster Dimensioning

On average, xDIM outperforms stationary systems by nearly 40% in terms of time savings when capturing the weight and dimensions of 15 items.

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xDIM Applications

Mobile Dimensioning Use Cases


Warehouse Slotting

Organize storage space as efficiently as possible and delay facility expansion.


Outbound Shipping

Avoid surcharges and fees from inaccurate dimensions.


Inventory Audits

Validate incoming and existing item dimensions.


Airline Baggage 

Verify carry-on and checked bag dimensions size. 


Reverse Logistics

Capture dimensions when receiving incoming returns to replace packaging for resale.


Parcel Pickup

Confirm dimensions at parcel pickup to charge accurate postage, express, or freight fees.


Airline Cargo

Verify supplied cargo dimensions size. Capture images for chain of custody support.


eBook: xDIM Mobile Dimensioning vs Stationary Systems

The rapid growth of e-commerce and the increasing demand for efficient warehouse operations have underscored the need for accurate and speedy dimensioning solutions. This eBook compares the speed to dimension 15 SKUS using xDIM and a stationary dimensioner. 

xdim small item booth


Small Item Dimensioning

Small items such as pill bottles, gum, candy and even nuts and bolts can be dimensioned using the xDIM booth. The lightweight, aluminum frame, ring light and 3D camera combine with a mounted rugged tablet for instant dimension capture. The xDIM booth can be placed on a cart for full mobility throughout your facility.

Measurement capacity: 0.4-inches to 6-inches (1-2mm accuracy) 


Irregular Item Dimensioning

xDIM for irregular items can dimension objects of any shape using a bounding box. The software can group multiple items into a single bounding box for added convenience. Ideal for capturing dimensions of eaches, inner packs, and case packs as well as poly-mailers and padded envelopes.  

Measurement capacity: 2-inches to 48-inches (4 feet) 
orange 5-gallon bucket with xdim dimenisoning lines
animated pallet with xdim dimensioning lines


Pallet Dimensioning

xDIM for pallets uses an AI-powered two-step method, by aiming a rugged tablet at the front, then side of the pallet. Ideal for storage optimization, the software can capture cleanly stacked, square payload pallets as well as non-square payloads, such as barrels or stacks of piping.  

Measurement capacity: Up to 96-inches (8 feet)


Standard Box Dimensioning

The original xDIM mode captures small to medium sized box dimensions in under a second by aiming a rugged tablet at the corner of a box. Ideal for companies needing to dimension new products and SKUs as they are received or for those completing dimensional audits of existing SKUs.

Measurement capacity: 3-inches to 48-inches (4-feet) NTEP Certified, Legal for Trade
animated cardboard box with xdim mobile dimensioning lines
trio of cardboard boxes


Oversized Boxes

xDIM for oversized boxes is a large box dimensioner ideal for shipping and receiving applications. With the two-step method, a rugged tablet is aimed at the front, then side of the box. The xDIM software than calculates the dimensions in just seconds. 

Measurement capacity: 48-inches (4 feet) to 96-inches (8 feet) 

A person uses the xDim in the air

Enhance Your Workflow

in the AIR

xDIM goes where you go, whether you're up near the rafters overseeing operations or on the warehouse floor managing tasks efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it adapts seamlessly to your workflow, enhancing productivity at every level of your business.

Watch Mobile vs Fixed
Using the xDim software


Common Questions About xDIM

What types of items can be dimensioned by xDIM?

xDIM can dimension standard and oversized boxes, irregular items, small items and pallets.

What hardware is compatible with xDIM?

xDIM is compatible with the MobileDemand rugged xTablet T1175 integrated with an Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera. Additional add-ons include integrated or wearable barcode scanners, portable scales and mounting equipment.

Can the divisor be changed in the DIM weight calculation?

Yes, custom divisors for specific parcel carriers can be pre-loaded into the xDIM software.

Is xDIM Legal for Trade Certified?

Yes, xDIM for Standard Boxes is NTEP Certified as Legal for Trade within a half-inch (0.5-inch) accuracy. Certificate Number: 21-041. 


xDIM Added Value

Mobile Weighing with the xScale S200

The mobile and convenient smart scale solution for the modern warehouse.

Capture item weight anywhere with the Bluetooth
® smart xScale S200. The lightweight, compact form, designed for personal portability, opens to an innovative Y-shape on which items are placed for weighing.  The wireless, battery powered smart device quickly sends captured data directly to your phone or tablet via highspeed Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1

xScale S200
the xScale

Mobile Weighing

xScale S200

Capture weight quickly and easily wherever the job requires it with the portable xScale S200. Its lightweight folding arms and thin profile make it easy to use wherever items need to be weighed. The xScale S200 is fully compatible with xDIM.