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Rugged Tablets for Healthcare

healthcare workers looking at rugged tablet doctor holding rugged tablet showing xray

Rugged Tablets for Healthcare

Improve patient experience with improved communication and collaboration between providers, simplified data collection and management, and streamlined workflows.

All realized by equipping providers and frontline staff with solutions that will empower them to offer personalized care alongside patients.

Multi-Functional Solutions

Key Product Features for Healthcare


Proven Rugged 

Sealed ports offer protection from accidental spills, while shock-absorbing bumpers ensure the device performs drop after drop.  


Barcode Scanner 

Scan patient, specimen and medication barcodes at every step to ensure patient safety and reduce errors.


NFC Module 

Track employee attendance, enable device sign-in, track tagged medication or specimens and grant access to restricted areas. 


Integrated MSR

Swipe patient insurance cards during check-in on the same device used for registration.  


Large Display

Easily view patient history, telehealth software and lab reports with the large screen of a rugged tablet. 



Quickly and easily mount the device nearly anywhere; from the check-in counter to medical carts. 


Built-In Camera

Allows patients to see providers during telehealth appointments or when in isolation  


Mobile Dimensioning 

Dimension incoming pharmaceutical and PPE inventory at the point of receiving to store items as efficiently as possible. 


Multi-Faceted Productivity Tool

Rugged tablets serve as versatile tools in healthcare settings, improving patient experience from check-in to discharge. Their durable design ensures reliable performance even in unpredictability of healthcare.
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Check-In and Registration 

Automate patient check-in, registration and health history collection with a self-service rugged tablet to improve speed and experience in waiting rooms.

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Bedside Point-of-Care 

Enhance patient identification and reduce potentially hazardous errors with barcode wristbands and rugged tablets with integrated scanners. 

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Asset and Inventory Tracking 

Access critical medical asset inventory levels in real-time to ensure necessary items are available when needed, preventing delayed care. 

rugged surface tablet mounted on cart in hospital room

Secure Mounting 

Easily mount all MobileDemand xTablets and xCases with our patented quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere, from check-in counters and station walls to medical carts and kiosks. 
nurse holding rugged tablet waving to patient on screen

Success Story

MobileDemand Donates 300 Rugged iPad Cases to The County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services

“The engagement of loved ones during hospitalization has been shown to improve clinical outcomes. Clinical staff identified a role for virtual visiting through technology to facilitate this family involvement. The generous donation by MobileDemand supports this critical element of our patients’ care.” Dr. Christina Ghaly, Director, Los Angeles Department of Health Services 

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