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Rugged Tablets for Public Safety and Law Enforcement

police officers using rugged surface tablet firefighter holding rugged tablet entering fire truck

Rugged Tablets for Public Safety

Arm first responders, fire fighters and law enforcement officers with robust, secure and versatile rugged devices, enhancing both efficiency and safety in demanding environments.

Vital for the challenging and unpredictable nature of emergency response and law enforcement work, rugged tablets continue to perform even in the harshest conditions, ensuring connectivity and communication lines remain open. 

Multi-Functional Solutions

Key Product Features for Public Safety and Law Enforcement


Proven Rugged 

Built to perform even in the harshest conditions, rugged tablets provide necessary reliability and performance.


Sunlight Viewable

View area maps, building blueprints, citation software, medical history – whatever you may need  even in direct sunlight without harsh glares.  


LTE Connectivity  

Share and access mission-critical data and communicate from the station to the field with LTE connectivity, enhancing situational awareness. 



Quickly and easily mount the device nearly anywhereFrom the patrol car dashboards to ambulance cabinets and everywhere in between.  


Long Life Battery 

Designed to keep your device powered up through an entire shift, XL batteries keep your workforce productive all day.  


Large Display

Large tablet displays allow for easier viewing of documents, evidence files, and other needed information. 


Built-In Camera

Easily take photos for accident reports and crime scene evidence and provide real-time visual updates to the command center.   


Weather Resistant

Designed to withstand extreme temperature swings, rugged tablets continue to perform whether in a patrol car or out in the field. 

Vehicle No Drill Mount Solution - frame at 0m25s-2

Vehicle Mounting Made Easy 

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firefighter using tablet to control water hose in front of fire truck

Multi-Faceted Productivity Tool

Rugged tablets serve as versatile tools for law enforcement and public safety officers, aiding in the day-to-day operations while also ensuring all information is accessible to keep both officers and the public safe.
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Ticketing and Citations 

Eliminate human errors and cumbersome paperwork by issuing tickets and citations electronically from a rugged tablet. 

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Situational Awareness 

Provide real-time information visibility between the field and command center to enable smart, and safe, decision making. 

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Emergency Response  

Access area maps and building blueprints plus see gear and equipment inventory levels in real-time. 


Secure Mounting 

Easily mount all MobileDemand xTablets and xCases with our patented quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere, from patrol cars dashboards to command center desks.  

Sherborn Fire and Rescue Replaces Outdated and Bulky Technology with Sleek and Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets

In the town of Sherborn, Massachusetts, the Sherborn Fire and Rescue Department was undergoing change. Adapting to the state’s mandate for electronic medical records, the Fire Department was in the market for rugged-yet-mobile technology that was powerful enough to run their software. 

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Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

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I was highly impressed with MobileDemand’s products as soon as I started looking at them and knew these would serve our agency well. We use the iPads on server calls for service including motor vehicle crashes to complete different reports.

Corey Young

Communications Officer, Hawkins Country Rescue Squad

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We have yet to have the xTablet fail or shutdown from exposure to excessive heat or moisture. The performance we are seeing with the MobileDemand tablets far exceeds our expectations.

Dallas Berry

Public Safety Information Systems Administrator, Schertz Police

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The tablet hardly takes up any room inside the squad cars and has already proven itself in terms of computing power and reliability.

Sergeant Mike Simmons

Sullivan PD