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Two construction workers use a rugged tablet

Rugged Tablets for Construction

A rugged tablet on a tripod in a construction site

Strength. Value. Performance.

Your New Worksite Productivity Tool

Ditch the pen and paper. Rugged tablets are a popular choice for construction workers and contractors thanks to their combination of durability, specialized features and adaptability to demanding environments.

Rugged tablets are designed to perform amid the dirt, dust, water, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures brought on by life on the site. These devices facilitate data collection and access to all necessary models, blueprints and documentation in real-time, from the site to the office or anywhere in between. 

Multi-Functional Solutions

Key Product Features for Construction

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Sunlight Viewable

Scratch-resistant screen protectors ensure easy tablet viewing, even in direct sunlight. 

Swappable battery icon

Hot-Swappable Batteries

Stay powered up through multiple shifts with long-life, hot-swappable batteries.

Cold icon

Cold Weather Performance

Designed to withstand extreme temperature swings and certified to perform in conditions as low as -4ºF (-20ºC).

Dust and debris icon

IP65 Rated

IP65 rating ensures sawdust, dirt, rain and snow won’t damage the tablet—critical for your device investment. 

Camera icon

Built-in Camera

Capture images and video directly from a rugged tablet when at a site.

LTE icon

Better Connectivity

Access and share data from the office to the work site in real-time with LTE connectivity.

Barcode icon

Barcode Scanner

Read barcodes with an integrated scanner to quickly track tools, equipment and materials on-site.

Performance icon

High Performance

High CPU processing power for fast access to graphic software and data-heavy applications.

Overhead shot of two construction workers with a rugged tablet

Multi-Function Tablets

Multi-Faceted Productivity Tool

Rugged tablets are multifaceted tools in the construction industry, aiding in project management, communication, inventory and safety management, data analysis, and more, all while enduring the challenging conditions of construction sites.

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Real-Time Data Access

Access and upload the most up-to-date models and blueprints, eliminating the need for paper plans.

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On-Site Communication

Collaborate with foremen or clients in real-time from the work site or the office.

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Project Management & Documentation

Manage personnel schedules, assignments and certifications, as well as customer account and payment information. 

An ipad mounted at a construction site

Secure Mounting

Easily mount all MobileDemand xTablets and xCases with our patented quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere, from vehicles and trailers to toolboxes and beams.


eBook: Flexibility and Mobility Are Key for Facility Management 

Facility management professionals truly encompass the “other duties as assigned” clause in a job description, and flexibility is crucial to success. When putting out all those figurative (and maybe literal) fires, you need a device you can count on to perform anytime and anywhere. 

A worker uses a rugged tablet at a construction site

Success Story

Construction Company Replaces Tedious Data Collection with Rugged Surface Pro Tablets

Kirlin Florida (part of The Kirlin Group) has been a preeminent leader in the mechanical contracting field since it opened its Florida office in 1982. The company's problem for the longest time, however, was the tedious and cumbersome way it collected business data. 

Case Study

Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

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“MobileDemand's touchscreen is the best that I have ever used. The greatest benefit to our productivity and efficiency have to be the operating system, sunlight readable screen, wireless connectivity, ruggedness, and battery life."

Salvador Titone

Owner and Manager, HRAOK

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“Our efficiency and accuracy improved exponentially, providing substantial dividends. The system will enable us to take it to the next level in the workflow making the process much more efficient.”

Jeff Dominiak

Infrastructure Project Manager, Baillie Lumber

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“We rely on products that allow our foremen to be productive and efficient. Project managers are better connected with foremen and can address problems immediately as they appear.”

Richard Keen

IT Coordinator, Kirlin Florida