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Rugged Tablets for Retail

Two people look at items on a tablet in a garden center A man accepts payment in a store with a tablet

Agility. Value. Performance.

Your New Retail Productivity Tool

Take your retail operations mobile with rugged tablets.

With options for assisted selling, mobile POS and line busting to supply chain and distribution offerings, MobileDemand retail solutions improve the customer experience through the entire purchasing process.  

Multi-Functional Solutions

Key Product Features for Retail

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Slim & Rugged

Sleek profiles fit with the modern retail aesthetic, while the ruggedness protects your technology investment.

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Barcode Scanner

Integrated scanners read ticketed items and gift or loyalty cards. Or take it to the back room or warehouse for shipping and receiving.

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NFC Module

Track employee attendance, enable device sign-in, scan loyalty cards, track tagged assets and grant access to events and other venues via phones, cards or wristbands.

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Payment Device

Conveniently take payments and complete transactions anywhere on the sales floor with a variety of mobile POS devices.

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Mobile Dimensioning

Dimension incoming inventory at the point of receiving or calculate accurate shipping rates for omnichannel fulfillment.

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Large Display

Large tablet displays allow for easier viewing of planograms, scheduling software and employee training.

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Built-in Camera

Easily take photos for item cataloging, planogramming and store mapping, and chain of custody proof when shipping.

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Quickly and easily mount the device anywhere, from checkout counters to distribution center forklifts and everywhere in between.


Multi-Function Tablet

Multi-Faceted Productivity Tool

Rugged tablets serve as versatile tools in the retail industry, enhancing inventory control, customer service, and order fulfillment. Their durable design ensures reliable performance during the busiest shopping seasons.

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Line Busting

Slash customer wait times and bust through long, stagnant checkout lines with mobile POS solutions.

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Inventory Management

Update and access inventory levels in real-time for smarter restocking and replenishing decisions.

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Omnichannel Fulfillment

Fulfill customer orders from the back room or shop floor, with mobile real-time access to inventory data across channels.

Paying for items via phone and tablet

Industry Segment Highlights

Car Washes

Scan customer membership and loyalty cards and take payments for upselling all from a rugged tablet. Sealed ports protect the device from water and other debris, while sunlight viewable screens ensure your staff stay productive even in direct sunlight.

Industry Segment Highlights

Hospitality & Cruise Lines

Keep your staff agile with mobile credential-based authentication and identification. Charge food and beverage purchases directly to the customer’s account or grant access to exclusive areas by scanning membership cards and wristbands. 
A person shows a credit card in front of a rugged tablet

Rugged in Retail: Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions

Seamless design is combined with the power, mobility and protection to serve customers and manage your business where it happens.  Serve your customers anywhere with rugged technology that performs everywhere. 

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eBook: The Big Picture in Retail

Serve your customers anywhere with rugged technology that works everywhere. Learn how design and display combine with power, mobility and protection to serve your customers where they are.

Secure Mounting

Easily mount all MobileDemand xTablets and xCases with our patented quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere, from forklifts and delivery vehicles to checkout counters and product shelving. 
Wine is listed on a tablet in a wine store
A man scans items with a rugged tablet

Success Story

Sun & Ski Sports Gains 25% E-Commerce Order Efficiency

The specialty sporting goods retailer is undergoing a self-described “technological metamorphosis.” After upgrading their backbone network service, they began searching for tablet solutions to help with e-commerce order fulfillment and work orders. 

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Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

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“Having a magstripe reader and barcode scanner integrated into the tablet is a necessity for the car wash industry.”

Zach Hershberger

Integration Systems Engineer II, DRB

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“The iPads have made us more efficient. MobileDemand is easy to work with, and the rugged iPads make my life easier.”

Zach Lane

IT Director, Fareway

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“The stores had significantly more orders and volume than ever. And while it was a challenge, the combination of having the MobileDemand tablet and the software worked hand in hand to make the job better for associates.”

Sean Rutherford

SVP of IT and Logistics, Sun & Ski Sports