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Power Supply Kits

A power supply kit for a rugged tablet

Rugged Tablet Accessories

Power Supply Kits

Keep your tablet running continuously with power supply kits built for your rugged tablet and unique mounted power supply work requirements. The power supply kits are designed to complement all MobileDemand rugged tablets and branded tablets available with our rugged cases.

Power Up

Powering Your Rugged Tablet

We offer a variety of powering options to ensure you can work as efficiently as possible, without worry of devices powering off.

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Hot-Swappable Batteries

Easily swap dead batteries for fully charged ones, without worry of the device turning off or shutting down.

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Power Supply Kits

Connect to a forklift or vehicle battery with direct wire kits for continuous device power. Available for all MobileDemand xTablets.


External Batteries

An external battery pack is a popular choice for those not wanting to deal with direct wiring or for devices without swappable batteries.

Tablet power kits

eBook: 3 Ways to Power Your Tablet

With the right battery management or power supply kit, you can ensure your tablet will continuously do its job for you no matter where it’s located.

Stacks of lumber being stored in a at a lumber yard.

Success Story

Baillie Lumber Streamlines Workflow with Forklift Mounted Tablets

Tracking the movement of material across huge lumberyards is a complex mixture involving dozens of drivers, hundreds of work orders, and constant forklift movement with tremendous room for error — especially if the data is captured manually.  

Case Study