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The xTablet Family

xTablet T1190


Rugged xTablet T1190

Sleek, Lightweight and Feature-Rich

At only 15mm thin and a mere 2.3 pounds, the xTablet T1190 is small in stature but big on features.

Built to MobileDemand’s rugged standards, this sunlight viewable wonder carries an IP65 rating for dust and water, so weather will never slow you down. When equipped with an optional barcode scanner or payment device, the xTablet T1190 shines in industries that rely on mobile POS and customer interactions.
Rugged Tablet Icom

Proven Rugged

Certified to MIL-STD-810G drop standards, the xTablet T1190 can withstand drops from 5 feet and is IP65 sealed to withstand dust and water.


Payment Devices

Take payments and complete transactions with integrated 3-1 payment devices or payment module brackets.


Barcode Scanner

Optional, integrated Honeywell high performing barcode scanner increases the productivity of your mobile workforce with quick and easy data capture.


NFC Module

Enables mobile credential-based authentication and identification for attendance tracking, device sign-in and asset tracking.


Sunlight Viewable

Stay productive in both indoor and outdoor environments, even in direct sunlight, thanks to the 800 NIT, sunlight viewable screen.

Lightweight Icon


At just over 2 pounds, the xTablet T1190 is light enough to comfortably carry through a work shift yet is still ultra-durable and rugged.

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Mounting is made easy with the quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting virtually anywhere.

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Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 Pro OS offers business-class tools and flexible management with customizable, secure computing for efficient frontline processes.


Take the xTablet T1190 for a Spin

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A rugged tablet being used to scan a credit card A worker uses a rugged tablet in the sunlight

Desirable Tablet

Engineered for Multi-Industry Use

Designed and tested to perform in the most demanding industries, a single xTablet T1190 passed the MIL-STD-810G drop test from 5 feet, ensuring dependability for applications where downtime is not an option.

A rugged tablet is used to scan inventory in a super market

Flexible Add-ons

Transform the xTablet T1190 into a multi-use productivity tool.

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Payment Devices

Take payments anywhere with an integrated 3-1 tDynamo or payment module bracket.

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NFC Module

Read identification and authentication tags with an integrated NFC module.

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Barcode Scanner

Quickly capture barcode data with a high-performance integrated scanner. 

The NFC module on a tablet

Product Feature

NFC Module

Mobile credential based authenticator.

Transform the xTablet T1190 into a mobile credential-based authenticator with the optional, integrated NFC module from rf IDEAS. Designed to track employee attendance, enable device sign-in, scan loyalty cards, track tagged assets and grant access to events and other venues via phones, cards or wristbands. 

Product Feature

Mobile POS

Take payments anywhere.

The optional MagTek 3-1 tDynamo or payment module brackets were designed for mobile point-of-sale (POS), line-busting and drive-thru ordering applications.The mobile functionality enables completion of transaction anywhere, both inside and out, shortening customer wait times and lowering abandonment rate.
A mobile POS on a tablet
the T11 mounted

Product Feature


Mounting is in our DNA.

Easily mount the xTablet T1190 with our patented quick release Snap Mount System.The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere—from forklifts to checkout counters.

Product Feature

Rugged Upgrade

Add even more device protection.

Further protect the xTablet T1190 drops with the optional heavy-duty impact-resistant rugged bumper kit. Designed and tested to offer increased device protection both externally and to internal components. 
The T11 shown with rugged bumpers

Looking for More Details?

For detailed technical specifications, download the xTablet T1190 data sheet, which provides comprehensive information on performance and capabilities.

A person pays for a service using a card reader


Smoothie King

“We tested a MobileDemand mobile POS solution at one franchise and brought in an additional $70,000+ in one year.”

Jon Gordon, Smoothie King Director of Architecture and Security 

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