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Rugged Tablets for Restaurants

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Agility. Value. Performance.

Your New Customer Service Super Tool

MobileDemand restaurant solutions are designed to enhance customer experience, accelerate service and increase operational efficiency.

Equip your staff with multi-function rugged devices for mobile payment and ordering, food safety tracking and inventory management to deliver superior service. 

Multi-Functional Solutions

Key Product Features for Restaurants

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Slim & Rugged

The sleek profile fits the restaurant aesthetic and is easy to take in-and-out of aprons, while the ruggedness protects your technology investment.

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Payment Device

Conveniently take payments and complete transactions from the front of the house to the drive-thru with a variety of mobile POS devices.

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Barcode Scanner

Integrated scanners easily read packaged or ticketed items, gift cards and membership cards. Or take it to the back of the house to receive stock.

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Quickly and easily mount the device nearly anywhere, from the checkout counter and ordering stations to dining tables and food preparation stations.   

A server uses a payment bracket at a table

Multi-Function Tablet

Multi-Faceted Productivity Tool

Rugged tablets are versatile tools for the restaurant and food service industry, enhancing customer service and aiding in inventory control and food preparation. Their durable design ensures reliable performance during the busiest service periods.

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Line Busting

Slash customer wait times and bust long, stagnant ordering lines with mobile POS solutions.

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Inventory Management

Track ingredient levels in real-time for better stock management and less food waste.

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Food Prep & Safety

Document incoming product delivery temperatures and monitor food hold times and temperatures.

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Industry Segment Highlights

Quick Serve Restaurants

Equip staff with devices that aid in efficient multi-tasking common in QSRs. Submit drive-thru orders while prepping ingredients or take the device outside to take orders and payments, busting long, stagnant lines.

woman ordering food on rugged tablet

eBook: 6 Brilliant Ways to Serve Your Customers and Make a Profit

Modernizing transactional technology to do more in a smaller, lighter, more durable manner is vital for success—and survival. The answer? Multi-functional rugged tablets for your frontline staff. 

Secure Mounting

Easily mount all MobileDemand xTablets and xCases with our patented quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere, from delivery vehicles and prep stations to checkout counters and tabletops.
A POS system mounted with a rugged tablet
Paying with a card using a rugged tablet through a window

Success Story

Smoothie King Franchise Earns Additional $70k+ in Sales Revenue with Mobile POS Solution

Smoothie King sought a mobile POS solution to recommend to their franchisees that was both cost-effective and flexible to increase customer satisfaction and sales.