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Custom Golden Image

Golden Image on a tablet

Custom Golden Image

We'll do the heavy lifting.

Let our team capture and deploy your corporate image, for an easy, hassle-free tablet deployment. We will deploy your pre-installed applications, files, settings and branding when you purchase several MobileDemand tablets.

Rugged Right Out-of-the-Box

For a hassle-free experience, let our team handle the installation.

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Screen Protector

Let our Choose between a standard or anti-glare premium glass screen protector, both designed to protect your device from scratches and chips. 

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Rugged xTablet + Add-Ons

Enhance frontline worker productivity with a plethora of integrated peripherals including scanners and payment modules.   

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Golden Image

Get started with your xTablet the second it arrives by having our team pre-install all your necessary software.

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Contact our sales team to get started building your ideal rugged solution.

Custom Golden Image Process

Custom Golden Image Process

MobileDemand Golden Image service is available to customers who want MobileDemand to ship tablets with their custom software image. The process consists of MobileDemand sending two (2) tablets that need to be customized identically to a customer and returned to MobileDemand. Once returned, the MobileDemand team will load, capture, deploy, and test the custom image to ensure it meets all customer, MobileDemand, and Microsoft requirements. MobileDemand will store Golden Images on a secure server.


  1. The customer will purchase two (2) tablets from MobileDemand. MobileDemand will ship these two (2) tablets to the customer for customization. The tablets need to be the exact specific tablet that the customer will be purchasing including any additional hardware (LTE, GPS, NFC, etc.). This is the only supported option for the MobileDemand Golden Image process. MobileDemand does not support remote imaging, transfer of WIM files, or capturing the image from a non-MobileDemand device. The tablets will be sent out with the current MobileDemand Microsoft Windows Pro base image for the specific tablet. All drivers for components on the tablet will be stored on at C:\xTablet_x directory. The Windows Pro version (i.e: 1909) on the base image may not be the most up-to-date publicly released build available. If the customer needs a different build of Windows other than what is preinstalled with the MobileDemand base image, they cannot upgrade the current system base image. This includes running any Windows updates. Windows Update should not be run on the Golden Image device. Per Microsoft best practice, the OS needs to remain in the base image state. To upgrade or change Windows versions, the customer must completely wipe and reinstall the correct version or reach out to MobileDemand and request a specific Windows version. MobileDemand may or may not have all versions available. At this time, all customer custom images must be returned to MobileDemand with the Microsoft Windows Pro Operating System (OS). This is a requirement for MobileDemand to license the tablets. Microsoft Windows Enterprise, LTSB, and LTSC will not work. 
  2. Once the customer receives the two Golden Image tablets and correct Windows Pro version is determined, the customer is responsible for fully building the Golden Images. MobileDemand will not alter, update, or make any changes to the Golden Images once received. A non-inclusive sample of items that need to be customized by the customer is as follows:
    • User accounts
      • Programs and Applications
      • Anti-virus
      • Remote Support
      • Startup applications
        • Provide MobileDemand documentation of any one-time run apps
    • Windows Settings
    • Desktop Wallpaper
    • Logon Processes
    • Auto-Login (if required)
      • Provide documentation to MobileDemand with Auto-Login requirements
    • Computer Name (will be the same for each device at time of deployment)
    • Security
    • Network Settings
    • Drivers
    • Testing in the customer’s environment once image is complete
  3. MobileDemand is required by Microsoft to ship all tablets in the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) mode on first boot. The MobileDemand end customer is required to accept the OOBE End User License Agreement (EULA) on initial boot prior to using the Windows Pro OS. The EULA is the only required screen MobileDemand must leave in the OOBE. If the Golden Image customer would like other OOBE screen (Ex. Keyboard, Network, Username, PC Name) removed from  the OOBE, they need to make MobileDemand aware of what OOBE options they want removed. If the customer also wants to build a customized Unattend.xml file for the loading process, they can build and submit the Unattend.xml file to MobileDemand. EULA screen is still a requirement in custom Unattend.xml files. MobileDemand does not train or assist in the building of the image or Unattend.xml files. Please see Microsoft documentation at It is not a requirement of the customer to build or provide an Unattend.xml file along with the Golden Image to MobileDemand. 
  4. Once MobileDemand receives the two Golden Image tablets back from the customer, it takes approximately seven (7) business days to complete the capture, deployment, and testing of the customer’s image.
  5. MobileDemand will return one of the initial two tablets back to the customer with the completed Golden Image deployed for the customer to test and approve. If the customer approves the image on this tablet, we update the second tablet and return to the customer with their next shipment. If the image is not correct, we will modify the second tablet and send it to the customer for image approval.
  6. Once a Golden Image is captured, deployed, tested, and approved, this is the Golden Image that will be saved on the MobileDemand image deployment secure server. MobileDemand will not make any Windows updates, driver updates, software updates, or any other alterations to the image at any time. If the customer needs to update the approved Golden Image, the customer will need to work with their MobileDemand sales representative on submission of a new Golden Image and following this process again. A setup fee applies for each new Golden Image created.
  7. A fee will apply to each tablet deployed with a custom Golden Image.