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A worker in a warehouse scans with a handheld scanner

Barcode Scanning


Rugged Tablet Accessories

Wearable Scanner paired to your Rugged Tablet

Be hands free with the ProGlove MARK 3 wearable scanner.

Break through old barriers to new, higher levels of worker-driven efficiency, and a much improved ROI, with innovative, wearable scanner solutions. Whether for forklift mounting bundles or fast paced data collection, ProGlove wearables can help complete your company's needs.

Rugged Tablet Accessories

Transform Your Rugged Device into a Barcode Scanner

Solutions to meet your company's unique needs.

From handheld and wearables to integrated scanners, we offer options for all our device offerings including Windows-based rugged xTablets and xCases for Microsoft Surface, iPad, Lenovo and Samsung tablets.

A worker uses a barcode scanner with a tablet
A man in a warehouse with a tablet on forklift

MobileDemand + ProGlove

Pair the ProGlove MARK 3 scanner with MobileDemand's forklift mounted rugged tablets for continuous workflows and increased productivity.

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Wearable scanner

Barcode Scanner

Wearable Scanners

Go hands free.

Seamlessly pair MobileDemand devices with the ProGlove MARK 3 wearable scanner. The hands-free, multi-range scanner enables greater flexibility and time savings across operational workflows. Meet the ProGlove family here.

A barcode scanner on a tablet

Barcode Scanner

Integrated Scanners

Multi-functional tablets.

Several rugged xTablets and xCases for Microsoft Surface devices offer the option to include an integrated, high-performance Honeywell barcode scanner. Built directly into the device, the scanners offer users a single, all-in-one solution for scanning products, loyalty cards and other necessary data.

Barcode Scanner

Digital Scanners

Floating scanner and keypad.

Optimize your entire tablet screen with the xKeyPad floating barcode scanner and keypad. The subscription-based application scans barcodes from anywhere on your working screen using your tablet’s built-in camera.
MobileDemand xPad

Need to Create Barcodes?

MobileDemand's free Barcode Generator has been used to generate hundreds of millions of barcodes! Increase productivity and reduce costs by easily creating multiple barcodes on a single sheet using industry standards.

Barcode scanner handle

Barcode Scanner

Handheld Scanners

Transform your tablet.

Attach a handheld scanner to your rugged xTablet or xCase via Bluetooth, transforming the rugged device into a versatile barcode scanner. The xScanHandle G200* features a pistol grip and trigger pull that are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long hours of scanning. Haptic feedback, LED light indicators and an integrated 100-lumen flashlight make it easy to use in noisy or dark environments. 

*xScanHandle G200 estimated availability 2025.
MobileDemand xPad in action

Success Story

Anheuser-Busch Distributor Increases Efficiency with Digital xKeypad

Walling Distributing is at the forefront of their industry, partly due to their early adoption of new technologies that help them deliver and sell on their routes. But they were running into a keypad issue with their most recent tablets, an issue that needed to be fixed. 

Case Study