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Two workers use a rugged tablet in a lab

Rugged Tablets for Manufacturing

A worker uses a rugged tablet

Strength. Value. Performance.

Your New Factory Productivity Tool

The modern manufacturing plant is at the forefront of digital transformation.

With solutions that keep workers agile, rugged tablets are helping to improve quality and cycle times while delivering increased visibility throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

Multi-Functional Solutions

Key Product Features for Manufacturing

Barcode icon

Barcode Scanner

Read barcodes with an integrated scanner to quickly track parts, equipment and materials. 

NFC icon

NFC Module

Monitor tagged components throughout the line, track employee attendee and enable device sign-in. 

Dust and debris icon

IP65 Rated

IP65 rating ensures metal dust, plastic particles, oil and grease won’t damage the tablet—critical for your device investment. 

Camera icon

Built-in Camera

Capture images and video of quality management issues directly from a rugged tablet. 

Swappable battery icon

Hot-Swappable Batteries

Stay powered up through multiple shifts with long-life, hot-swappable batteries.  

LTE icon

LTE Connectivity

Access and share data throughout the plant, from the back office to the assembly line, in real-time with LTE connectivity.  

Mount icon


Quickly and easily mount the device nearly anywhere, from forklifts to carts to beams.    

Performance icon

High Performance

High CPU processing power for fast access to graphic software and data-heavy applications.

Two workers use a rugged tablet in a lab

Multi-Functional Tablet

Multi-Faceted Productivity Tool

Rugged tablets serve as versatile tools in manufacturing plants, aiding in assembly, quality management and inventory control. Their durable design ensures reliable performance even in the harshest manufacturing environments.

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Assembly & Production

Accurately track and trace raw materials, parts and components at every point in the production process.

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Quality Management

Identify, isolate and eliminate quality management issues before they become greater issues. 

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In & Outbound Processing

Quickly process materials at the point of shipping and receiving to prevent bottlenecks.


eBook: Ultimate Guide to Rugged Tablet Forklift Mounting

In the demanding world of warehousing, manufacturing and logistics, efficiency and durability are essential. Enter rugged tablet forklift mounting. This eBook is a comprehensive resource exploring the nuances of effectively and safely mounting tablets on forklifts. 

A rugged tablet in a forklift mount

Secure Mounting

Easily mount all MobileDemand xTablets and xCases with our patented quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere, from forklifts and carts to shelves and beams. 


Success Story

Contract Manufacturer Expedites Projects with Ruggedized Surface Pro

Timberline Manufacturing, a contract assembler of wire harnesses, control panels, radios and other electronic assemblies, realized they needed to streamline the data collection process in hopes of reducing errors and increasing productivity throughout their entire operation. 

Case Study Coming Soon