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Rugged Tablets for Agriculture & Farming

A man uses a tablet in a farm environment A man uses a rugged tablet in a barn with cows

Strength. Value. Performance.

Your New Farm & Field Productivity Tool

Designed for the harsh environment of life on the farm, rugged tablets perform amid dirt, dust, water, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

These rugged devices facilitate real-time data collection on crop health, harvest progress, and stock levels, while integrated add-ons enabled efficient tracking and inventory management of crops and livestock.  

Multi-Functional Solutions

Key Product Features for Agriculture


Sunlight Viewable

Scratch resistance screen protectors ensure easy tablet viewing, even in direct sunlight. 


Hot-Swappable Batteries

Stay powered up without worry of dying tablets thanks to long-life, hot-swappable batteries. 


Cold Weather Performance

Designed to withstand extreme temperature swings and certified to perform in conditions as low as -4ºF (-20ºC).


IP65 Rated

IP65 rating ensures dust, dirt, rain and snow—even manure—won’t damage the tablet.

Camera Icon

Built-in Camera

Capture images and video directly from a rugged tablet in the field or barn.

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Greater Connectivity

Access crop and livestock data in real-time when in the field with LTE connectivity.

Two farmers use a tablet on a farm

Multi-Functional Tablets

Versatile Ag Productivity Tool

Rugged tablets are versatile and essential tools in the agriculture sector, assisting in farm management, communication, inventory tracking, data analysis, and more, all while withstanding the demanding and varied conditions of agricultural environments.

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Asset Tracking

Track livestock and machinery locations with GPS, NFC and barcode scanning technologies.

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Soil Sampling

Streamline soil sampling with high performing devices that enable the use of the latest software and apps.

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Field Mapping

Plan field layouts, analyze typography and manage resources with high performing rugged tablets.

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Secure Mounting

Easily mount all MobileDemand xTablets and xCases with our patented quick release Snap Mount System. The rugged design allows safe and secure mounting nearly anywhere, from tractors and trailers to walls and beams.
A farmer uses a tablet on a cattle farm

Success Story

Box Canyon Dairy Reduces Cattle Wrangling Time with Rugged Tablets

“It cuts in half the amount of time my employees spend looking for animals. The tablets take a beating, and they just keep going and going and we need that for our operation."

- Scott Haag, General Manager, Box Canyon Dairy 

Case Study

Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

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“MobileDemand gave us a sense that they’d clearly done this before. It gave us a lot of comfort in moving forward knowing they were there to support us and had a high-quality tablet solution.”

Chris Peddicord

Director of Enterprise Technology and Compliance, Japs-Olson

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“I could not find a rugged case that had a vehicle mounting option. Once I found your products, including the Snap Rail, I knew that I had a winning platform.”

Kirt Lamontagne

HVAC Service Manager, Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing

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"We’ve never had any problems, [the tablets] have performed flawlessly. They take a beating, and they just keep going and going and we need that for our operation."

Scott Haag

General Manager, Box Canyon Dairy