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Smart xScale S200

xscale s200 portable scale with box on top

Mobile Weighing

Weigh Smarter with the xScale S200

The portable and convenient smart solution for the modern warehouse.

Capture item weight anywhere with the Bluetooth® smart xScale S200. The lightweight, compact form, designed for personal portability, opens to an innovative Y-shape on which items are placed for weighing. The collapsible arms make it easy to carry and use, with a belt holster available to work hands free, ensuring the scale is conveniently available wherever it’s needed. The wireless, battery powered smart device quickly sends captured data directly to your phone or tablet via highspeed Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1.

xScale Benefits

Weighing On-the-Go

The xScale S200 goes where you go—whether you’re up near the rafters or on the warehouse floor.



Built to military drop test standards, the xScale S200 was designed to withstand the harsh environments of warehousing and distribution centers.

Portable Scale


The fully mobile xScale S200 enables workers to easily move throughout a facility and measure item weight without having to continually return to a stationary scale.



The wireless, battery powered smart device quickly sends captured data directly to your phone or tablet via highspeed Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1.

OS Compatibility

OS Compatibility

The easy-to-use xScale S200 pairs with the xScale App for easy data collection. Compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems.


See the xScale in Action

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xScale Add-Ons

Easy-Carry Holster

For added convenience, upgrade your weighing experience with the xScale S200 holster. This accessory allows you to work hands free, with instant access while you’re weighing on the go. 
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xScale Add-Ons

xScale App

The xScale S200 works in conjunction with xScale App to provide weight readouts and more onto your smart phone or tablet. Once weight and details are captured, easily copy it into your Product Catalog, Product Information Management System (PIMS) or Warehouse Management System (WMS). 

xScale Add-Ons

Capture More Than Weight

xPIM is an easy-to-use tool that captures all pertinent product details in a single place, at the same time. Or seamlessly pair the xScale with xDIM Mobile Dimensioning software to capture weight, dimensions and more at the product location. 
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Key Features

Designed for the Modern Warehouse

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Smart Device Discovery

Skip the hassle of complicated setups by effortlessly connecting the app to nearby xScale S200 devices.

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Unmatched Portability

Whether you're at the top shelves in the warehouse or on the retail floor bring the accuracy of xScale wherever you are.

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Flexible Measurements

Choose your preferred system - metric or imperial - and switch with ease, on the scale or in the app. 


Common Questions

xScale S200 FAQs

What is the maximum weight the xScale can read?

The xScale S200 can weigh items up to 100-lbs or 45-kgs.

Is the xScale compatible with xDIM Mobile Dimensioning?

Yes, the xScale is fully compatible with xDIM.

What is the xScale battery life?

The battery lasts for approximately 26-hours without charging.

Battery life does vary depending on settings, usage, and other factors.


eBook: Mobile Dimensioning + Scale Vs. Stationary Systems

The rapid growth of e-commerce and the increasing demand for efficient warehouse operations have underscored the need for accurate and speedy dimensioning solutions. This eBook compares the speed to dimension and weigh 15 SKUS using xDIM and a stationary dimensioner.