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xTablet T1190 Reviewed by RuggedPCReview

t1190-review-bannerThe following is an excerpt from RuggedPCReview's recent in-depth review of the xTablet T1190 from MobileDemand.  

“Tablets and smartphones have revolutionized the way we use computers. In terms of numbers, about 165 million tablets were sold worldwide in 2020, compared to about 220 million laptops and about 1.35 billion smartphones. Huge numbers, all. 

While tablets increasingly assume tasks previously done by laptops, the two form factors are in competition only to an extent. There is work best done on a laptop, and work where tablets are more practical. The tablet form factor is clearly here to stay. Iowa-based MobileDemand has been a big believer in tablets for almost two decades, dating back to well before the iPhone and iPad were introduced. The company, a pioneer and innovator in the field, has seen rapid growth, and MobileDemand is also one of the few with an exclusive focus on rugged tablets. In this report we're examining one of MobileDemand's newest products, the xTablet T1190, and also discuss where it fits into the company's tablet lineup. 

Right upfront and shown below: this tablet is not only designed to be as thin and light as possible, it can also be equipped with an optional barcode scanner or 3-in-1 point of sale module kit! 

RuggedPCReview readers familiar with MobileDemand will remember how after building a business initially based on fully-rugged high-end tablets for specific vertical markets, the company has since branched out into more affordable tablet devices suitable for a wide range of deployments. At the low end there is the economically priced "Flex" line of basic Windows tablets sold prepackaged with custom-designed protective cases, briefcase handles, and scratch-proof screen protectors. Above that are several well-sealed and inherently rugged tablets for use in all sorts of vertical markets. MobileDemand also sells rugged protective cases for iPads and Microsoft Surface Pro and Go tablets (both just the case or case/tablet bundles) as well as various productivity-enhancing utilities and software solutions.” 

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