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Rugged Tablets Enhance Retail In-Store Customer Experience


Today's consumers expect an increased level of service and overall enhanced shopping experience from all retailers. While online shopping is increasing in popularity, retailers need to give consumers a reason, outside of their product and service offerings, to come into their store. 

The Evolution of Traditional In-Store Shopping 

But, traditional in-store shopping is not dead, it's evolving. Retailers need to be able to adapt and modernize their in-store operating models if they want to meet increasing customer expectations. In order to not only meet but exceed these expectations, retailers are implementing upgraded technology and related systems in their stores.  

Rugged Tablets: A Game Changer in Retail Operations 

Especially popular among retailers are rugged tablets. They are mobile, easy to use, and increase worker productivity. Check out the following top uses and benefits of rugged tablets in retail: 

  • Equip associates with assisted selling tools enabling them to check inventory levels and product customization options without leaving the customer's side 
  • Complete payments quickly and efficiently with an integrated MSR or Chip and Pin reader 
  • Provide instant information and transaction completion on the spot, rather than having customers go to the counter or register 
  • Enhance inventory management with integrated barcode and RFID scanning prevents stockouts and customers leaving empty handed 
  • Increase manager's time on the floor with guests rather than being stuck in the back at a PC 
  • Deploy special screens that allow for easy viewing for associates and guests in direct sunlight for outdoor operations 
  • Protect tablets with rugged cases that can withstand spills, dust, and drops 

Creating a Loyal Customer Base Through In-Store Innovation  

While customers may have the option to shop online, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for those who come into the store will help create repeat and loyal shoppers.