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Ultimate Guide to Mounting Rugged Tablets

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You’ve decided to pursue a mounted tablet solution. Great choice! With good reason, mounted tablets provide a wide range of benefits from increased productivity to better device protection. But now comes the big question: where do you even begin?

With so many options out there, finding the right solution for your business can feel overwhelming. The truth is, every business is unique, and each situation requires careful consideration to determine the best fit. Let me share an example to illustrate this point.

Recently, two companies approached me with the same request for forklift-mounted, Windows-based rugged tablets. However, they ended up choosing different models: one went for the xTablet T1190, while the other opted for the xTablet T1690. Why the difference? Well, it all came down to the specific needs of each company. And that's precisely why it's crucial to understand your own unique requirements when diving into the world of mounting solutions.

When I start a conversation with a customer interested in mounting, I focus on three key aspects: the type of tablet, the type of mount, and the power requirements. Let's break it down further.

Tablet Selection

I start my mounting discussions by determining the type of tablet that I believe will work best for your use case and environment. Some key considerations here include:

  • Do you require Windows, Android or iOS for their operating system?
  • Do you run any mission-critical software? What are the technical specifications to run that software?
  • What are your scanning and service needs?
  • Does your location have strong Wi-Fi?

Mount Selection

Which brings us to the main event – mounting.

  • What type of mount are you looking for: Vehicle, forklift or fixed?
  • What type of forklift or industrial truck do you have?
  • Is the forklift/vehicle leased or owned?
  • Where (on the vehicle, forklift, or fixed area) will the device be mounted?
  • Does it require frequent removal and insertion?

Power Options

From there, I move on to the power situation.

  • Does the device need constant power?
  • What is the voltage of the forklift/truck?
  • How long do the batteries need to last?

These are all important factors to consider, and having an expert by your side who understands the ins-and-outs of mounting solutions can make a world of difference. In fact, in my upcoming blog posts, I'll delve deeper into each step of the tablet mount buying process, covering all the intricate details to ensure you have a successful mounting experience. So stay tuned for more valuable insights!

About the author: Amy Garman is currently the Northeast Enterprise Regional Sales Manager as well as head of International Sales for MobileDemand. With nearly 10 years at MobileDemand under her belt, she is the company’s mounting expert with a strong focus on forklift mounting.

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