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Expand Frontline Workers' Power This Holiday Season with Rugged Tablets

holiday-retail-bannerRetailers across the globe are being challenged to navigate a supply chain upheaval and persistent labor shortage while preparing for record-breaking holiday sales. Many are turning to technology to help them get more work done faster by investing in new tools and applications to expand the frontline worker's power. Whether it's e-commerce, in-store, or supply chain operations, rugged tablets are standing by to answer the call. 

Problem: Lack of workers and high customer demand 

Solution: Mobile point-of-sale systems 

Now more than ever, customers are demanding quick, seamless, and error-free service; long and stagnant check-out lines negatively impact the in-store experience. To prevent this, equip frontline workers with a mobile point-of-sale solution and begin completing transactions on the sales floor—wherever the customer is. This process, known as line-busting, decreases down-time, increases total transaction numbers, and improves customer satisfaction. 

Problem: Inaccurate inventory data 

Solution: Automatic identification and data capture 

The past 18 months have shown retailers the value of premium operational visibility and that value is here to stay in 2022 and beyond. The ability to scan a barcode with the tablet frontline workers use every day will automate otherwise manual data collection processes and enable real-time visibility into inventory levels—giving workers more time to focus on the customer. 

Problem: Inefficient warehouse operations 

Solution: Automating warehouse processes 

E-commerce and omni-channel retailing have exploded in recent months, and many warehouses are struggling to meet the ever-growing customer demands. To combat this, frontline workers are being equipped with tools to improve speed and accuracy in their processes. From order picking to slotting new inventory, solutions like box dimensioning and mobile data capture processes increase speed and accuracy. 

Problem: Current devices are out of commission 

Solution: Ultra-rugged tablets and cases 

Implementing mobile devices into retail environments is not a new concept, and many retailers are already embracing the benefits. However, many find their devices become damaged and are then taken out of commission. For companies who rely on their devices to perform mission critical tasks, broken devices are not an option. Rugged tablets and cases are designed to keep devices safe from inevitable drops, spills, and more. At MobileDemand, we offer an array of rugged tablets and cases for consumer-grade devices. From the xTablet T1190, built rugged from the inside out, to the xCases for Surface and iPads, protecting your investment is key to running smooth operations. 

With integrated barcode scanners, payment modules, and more, we offer a variety of solutions to prepare retailers for the hectic holiday season.