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5 Ways Rugged Tablets Can Streamline Curbside Ordering and Pickup

streamline-curbside-banner-1As the world begins to open up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are facing new challenges in everyday operations. Even as we find some normalcy, these businesses will ultimately function differently from what we were used to, pre-pandemic. 

Retailers and restaurants are utilizing online ordering with curbside or in-store pickup options now more than ever. However, as this point-of-sale method seems to be a necessity, many businesses are looking to implement new technology to make this process as easy and as fast as possible for their workers and customers. Utilizing tablets in restaurants and retail stores can streamline the curbside and in-store pickup process, while rugged cases keep the device protected. 

Check out MobileDemand's top 5 ways our tablets can help retailers and restaurants: 

1. Rugged 

When deciding on the type of tablet to use in your business, MobileDemand recommends choosing rugged tablets and cases. Designed to ensure protection, our rugged products are built to be shock resistant, meaning drops will not damage the tablet. With our water and dust resistant cases, be rest assured that spills will not cause any damage to the device either. 

2. Mobile and Lightweight 

Utilizing tablets enables your employees to be completely mobile. With our lightweight, rugged cases, workers won't be weighed down by the device, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Plus, our cases include a back hand strap, allowing workers to comfortably hold the tablet in the palm of their hands, as well as a briefcase carrying strap for added mobility. 

3. Minimize Hand-to-Hand Contact 

To comply with social distancing practices, tablets can be used to process transactions and payments, greatly reducing the amount of physical interaction between customer and worker. MobileDemand tablets can process payments through our MSR case attachment, Bluetooth, payment modules such as Ingenico, Verifone, MagTek, or chip readers. This allows customers to remain in their vehicles while the worker completes the payment process on the tablet. 

4. Barcode Scanning 

MobileDemand rugged xTablets come fully integrated with barcode scanning technology, making curbside transactions a breeze while maintaining real-time inventory levels, and ensuring accurate data collection. 

5. 3D Camera 

Offered as an add-on expansion module or integrated with our xTablets, 3D cameras can greatly enhance your curbside pickup capabilities. This technology allows businesses to use an image of a product and the box dimensions to determine if it will fit in various vehicles for customers to take home. While ordering, customer may see what type of vehicle would be appropriate for the product and its box to fit for transportation home after pickup. 

Even after we make it through this pandemic, both retailers and restaurants will be able to easily implement rugged tablets into their operations increasing efficiency and productivity.