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Top 5 Benefits of xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Software


From warehouses and distribution centers, to parcel couriers and beyond, implementing a mobile box dimensioning system has proven to provide a host of benefits. Check out the top five benefits of xDIM™ Mobile Dimensioning software. 

1. A Truly Mobile Solution

The biggest benefit of mobile box dimensioning is the mobility. Gone are the days of lugging individual boxes to and from a stationary dimensioning system. Now, workers can measure boxes from anywhere, no longer needing to move the box to a cumbersome stationary cart or dimensioner. Simply point the tablet’s camera at the box and follow the guidance displayed on the screen to capture not only the length, width, and height of the box, but the dimensional (dim) weight as well. The software runs on a Windows OS rugged tablet that can easily be taken anywhere in the facility thanks to the convenient briefcase handle and back hand strap.

2. Real-Time Data Visibility

xDIM, powered by 4DMobile, uses Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras to measure box dimensions. Data is instantly uploaded to xDIM Insight, a cloud-based analytics dashboard that provides real-time data visibility and easy collaboration with value chain partners. The software’s API enables integration with most warehouse management systems, giving deeper insights and analytics to improve operations and ultimately, your bottom line. 

3. No Human Error

Reliable data is crucial to operation, and inaccurate data is either unusable or causes problems later. As speed is necessary, inaccuracies are a frequent occurrence when workers must manually take box measurements then record and input them into a computer. Workers can now avoid these problem areas with the intuitive point-and-click measurement and automatic data upload, removing the risk of human error. 

4. Overall Cost Savings

The xDIM software is a much more cost effective and user-friendly option than the cumbersome stationary dimensioning systems. As a subscription-based system, you will no longer be burdened with the expensive reminder of the unused, dust-collecting, stationary dimensioner. Further, the modern, intuitive system is easy to deploy into your existing workflows, meaning less worker downtime for training. For distribution or e-commerce operations, having accurate measurements prevents costly parcel courier surcharges. 

5. Optimize Storage Space

Warehouse space is at an all-time premium, and many companies are struggling to find room to store a growing number of products and SKUs. Having dimensional data for each box enables optimal use of storage space and can prevent inefficient slotting, poor staging and load planning, and the need for re-racking. 

Embracing the Future 

The implementation of xDIM™ Mobile Dimensioning software stands as a game-changer across various sectors, from warehouses and distribution centers to parcel couriers. This innovative solution brings a plethora of transformative benefits, fundamentally reshaping how dimensional data is captured and utilized.