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MobileDemand Launches the First NTEP Certified, Truly Mobile 3D Parcel Dimensioning System

The first dimensioning software of its kind to perform on a mobile device - eliminates relocating parcels to stationary measurement systems, elevating industry productivity and space optimization. 

xdim-launch-prCEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – June 3, 2021 – MobileDemand, provider of rugged tablets and mobile computing solutions for enterprise productivity, today announced the launch of xDIM™ Mobile Dimensioning Software, the first absolute mobile, patented 3D dimensioning software for cuboidal parcels. xDIM, powered by 4DMobile, quickly and accurately captures measurements with a simple point-and-click, wherever the box is located. The innovative cloud-based application provides rich data via a user-friendly dashboard that integrates with a myriad of enterprise resource management systems for deeper business analytics. With successful completion of the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) evaluation qualifies xDIM as Legal for Trade, meaning it is legally approved for establishing cost for services or hire based on measurement. 

As time and space equate to revenue and capital expenditures, organizations need to optimize storage space and process efficiency with accurate measurements of warehouse goods. xDIM software uses Intel® RealSense depth camera technology attached to MobileDemand rugged tablets for intuitive point and capture dimensioning, producing measurements in seconds. The software generates a 3D image of the parcel by performing eight billion scans per second. Data transfers directly to its intelligent cloud-based analytics dashboard, xDIM Insight. Reliable data is then put to work, significantly improving slotting, re-racking, and Ti-Hi pallet configuration processes, and preventing wasted space. 

The patented technology seamlessly integrates with existing product information management systems (PIMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning software (ERP), and other resource management platforms to efficiently store and manage product or SKU information. 

“xDIM combines an easy-to-use mobile device with modern 3D scanning and analytics, replacing costly and cumbersome fixed measurement equipment. xDIM gives the user freedom to go wherever the parcel resides and finish the scan in seconds,” said Matt Miller, president and chief technology officer of MobileDemand. “Unlike antiquated systems that commonly sit unused, this first-of-its-kind mobile solution is cost effective, maximizes space and improves worker productivity.” 

“Intel® RealSense technology is used to develop products that enrich people's lives by enabling machines and devices to perceive the world in 3D. We are excited to collaborate with MobileDemand to enhance business operations by quickly and accurately measuring parcel dimensions. The Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 enables mobile tablets to capture parcel dimensions using our 3D depth sensing technology,” said Joel Hagberg, Head of Intel RealSense Product Management and Marketing. 

Bring measurement to the parcel 

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning has several key advantages over large stationary dimensioning solutions: 

  • Measure parcels where they are — MobileDemand and xDIM bring the ability to measure parcels wherever they sit, rather than relocating to a stationary system. By integrating xDIM software, with the Intel RealSense 3D camera and a MobileDemand rugged tablet or Microsoft® Surface case, the volume dimensioning process is now truly mobile and easy to use. 
  • Improve efficiencies with space and time — Obtain accurate measurements without manual processes while eliminating the need to move parcels before staging or slotting saves an abundance of time. Accurate dimensions simplify stacking for shipping without wasteful gaps. 
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs — xDIM is an NTEP Certified Legal for Trade solution, enabling businesses to charge by volumetric weight instead of standard weight, improving accuracy. Precise dimensional weight calculation derived from accurate measurements results in fewer chargebacks and a reduction in labor and overhead costs. 
  • Enable operational and performance insights — Capture data immediately on xDIM Mobile and see results in real time from xDIM Insight, the cloud-based analytics dashboard. Assess accuracy of field measurements using predefined templates and easily integrate data to collaborate with value chain partners. 

For optimal performance, xDIM Mobile is sold as a bundled offering with MobileDemand rugged xTablets as well as Microsoft Designed for Surface® Certified xCases for Surface series of tablets. For more information or to request a demo, email 

Intel® RealSense™ technology 

Intel RealSense technologies are fundamentally reshaping the future by equipping devices with the ability to see, understand, interact with, and learn from their environment. Intel RealSense provides a wide variety of vision-based solutions, from the world’s smallest high-resolution LiDAR camera to low power, platform-agnostic stereo depth cameras, as well as customizable software. Continuously expanding its range, Intel RealSense’s end-to-end solutions enhance use cases in areas such as Robotics, 3D Scanning, Facial Authentication, Measurement and Logistics. 

About MobileDemand 

MobileDemand is a technology leader in rugged tablets and mobile computing solutions, committed to bringing more functionality and capabilities to the mobile workforce. Specializing in the design of integrated productivity tools for barcode scanning, point-of-sale, magnetic stripe reading, PIN pad entry, 3D and thermal imaging, dimension measurement, and mounting hardware for myriad on-the-go applications, the company is driving the future of mobile productivity. MIL-STD 810G certified, rugged protection features of cases and accessories empower organizations to get more done in the field with rugged tablets that withstand drops, dust, water, humidity, and adverse conditions where unprotected electronics fail. Since 2003, the Iowa, USA-based company has grown to serve more than 40 countries. To learn more and contact MobileDemand, visit 

About 4DMobile 

Founded in 2016 by Matt Miller, 4DMobile is a companion company of MobileDemand with a mission to elevate workforce productivity and optimize space with innovative and convenient computer vision and mobile applications. Learn more at