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MobileDemand Launches AI-Powered Multi-Mode Mobile Dimensioning System

The software uses patented technologies to quickly and accurately capture dimensions of boxes, irregular items and pallets from a single, mobile device anywhere in a distribution center 


CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – September 19, 2023 – MobileDemand, provider of rugged tablets, cases and all-in-one mobile computing solutions for enterprise productivity, today announced the launch of xDIM, an innovative multi-mode, mobile dimensioning and weighing solution designed to deliver speed and efficiency in the warehouse and beyond. Unlike stationary dimensioning systems, xDIM is a portable, versatile tool that quickly and accurately captures dimensions of boxes, irregular items and pallets with a simple point-and-click of a rugged tablet, anywhere in the warehouse. 

Dimensioning in the Air: A New Era in the Workflow 

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, this portable system enables an entirely new Dimensioning in the Air workflow with the ability to acquire all necessary item data at the product location – whether you're high up near the rafters or on the warehouse floor. This new workflow delivers unparalleled efficiency, capturing dimensions in less than half the time than previously possible with legacy fixed dimensioning systems. 

“The Dimensioning in the Air concept challenges the outdated idea that dimensioning systems are only stationary units that reside in a designated space in the warehouse,” said Matt Miller, MobileDemand President and CTO. “xDIM enables a workflow that was once thought to be impossible – capturing dimensions at the product’s location, even from an order picking lift at the highest level of shelving. There is no longer a need to pull each product and take it to-and-from a stationary dimensioner, which is often a time consuming, inefficient and frustrating process.” 

A challenge for enterprises is the significant increase in warehouse volume in recent years, with growth expected to continue. This trend, known as SKU proliferation, adds hundreds of new items per month causing constant strain on existing warehouse space. Accurate dimensional data helps to optimize existing space utilization, which plays a major role in enterprise strategic execution priorities by avoiding or delaying warehouse expansion. 

Multi-Mode Drives Dimensioning in the Air Capability 

The software, running on a rugged tablet with an Intel® RealSense 3D camera, offers four dimensioning modes: Standard and large boxes, irregular items and pallets. 


The standard version of xDIM captures box dimensioning from 3-inches to 4-feet (48-inches) and is certified by NTEP (an independent third-party certification by the National Council of Weights and Measures) to provide dimensions within a half inch (0.5-inch) accuracy of the box’s true dimensions. The xDIM 2-Step method dimensions large boxes up to 8-feet (96 inches) such as televisions, appliances and furniture in just seconds. 

Irregular Items 

xDIM for irregular items and other non-cuboidal objects uses Computer Vision to detect the ground plane and distinguish between the floor and object to be dimensioned. Dimensions are determined via an innovative bounding box outline, which can group multiple objects into one box. 


Using AI and ML, xDIM for pallets detects and classifies a pallet in order to determine dimensions, all from an edge computing rugged tablet. The software can capture cleanly stacked, square payload pallets as well as non-square payloads, such as barrels or stacks of piping, up to 8-feet tall and across. 

xScale S200 

For added convenience, xDIM is fully compatible with MobileDemand’s portable, battery-powered Bluetooth xScale S200. Collapsible arms, which open to an innovative Y-shape on which items are placed for weighing, make it easy to carry and use, with a belt holster available to work hands-free, ensuring the scale is conveniently available when needed. Its lightweight, compact form was designed for personal portability, enabling workers to easily move with the scale throughout a facility and measure item weight without having to continually return to a stationary scale, saving substantial time. The xScale S200 can be used as a stand-alone device, integrated into line-of-business applications, or as part of xDIM to collect all pertinent product data. xDIM is sold as a bundled offering with MobileDemand rugged xTablets as well as Microsoft® Designed for Surface® Certified xCases for Surface series tablets. 

xDIM for standard and large boxes, irregular items and pallets is now available. 

About MobileDemand 

MobileDemand is a technology leader in rugged tablets and mobile computing solutions, committed to bringing more functionality and capabilities to the mobile workforce. Specializing in the design of integrated productivity tools for barcode scanning, point-of-sale, magnetic stripe reading, PIN pad entry, 3D and thermal imaging, dimension measurement, and mounting hardware for myriad on-the-go applications, the company is driving the future of mobile productivity. To learn more and contact MobileDemand, visit