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More Performance and Flexibility with xDIM Mobile Dimensioning System Enhancements

The new, orange Y-Guide helps users align the xDIM system with the box corner for faster dimensioning. 

xdim-y-guide-blog-bannerAs companies look for solutions to everyday dimensioning challenges, 4DMobile, the developer of xDIM Mobile Dimensioning is always innovating to help users realize cost savings from challenges like shipping chargebacks, shipping and receiving labor costs, slotting, capacity planning and reverse logistics. 

The latest enhancements to xDIM Mobile Dimensioning, the point-and-click mobile solution for box dimensioning, include a higher level of performance and more flexibility of multiple functions to help businesses increase dimensioning productivity along with cost savings. 

“Through testing and implementation with our customers, we’re listening and providing the functionality they tell us they need to have an impact on day-to-day efficiency and long-term cost savings,” says Don Fields, Director of Business Development for xDIM at MobileDemand, 4DMobile’s companion company. 

Here’s a rundown of key enhancements that will help xDIM users improve efficiency in their operations: 

Dimension faster 

Dimensioning performance speed is now up to three times faster. A box that may have taken 6-8 seconds to dimension, can now be dimensioned in 1-2 seconds, increasing productivity within dimensioning operations. 

A new, on-screen Y-guide has been added to the xDIM dimensioning interface that guides users to align the box correctly for dimensioning, resulting in an improved user experience and additional time savings. 

Improved Data Sort and Filter 

The xDIM Insight interface now includes more features for sorting and filtering data, making it simple for users to find the information they need quickly, improving user experience. 

Faster, more flexible weighing options 

Users are now able to dimension and weigh boxes simultaneously, saving time moving the box from one process to the other. xDIM can now be configured to adjust for scale height to accurately calculate box dimensions and weight at the same time. With the MobileDemand scale, weight along with box dimensions, will be captured and readily available for enterprise systems. 

“This will be a real time saver for our customers,” says Fields. “What used to require two separate processes is now one that can be accomplished in seconds.” 

For further user flexibility, box weight can be manually added to the xDIM dimensioning interface for a scale that may not be connected to the software. 

The new enhancements for xDIM are available now and have been uploaded for all current xDIM subscribers.