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What is an Integrated MSR?


MobileDemand recently launched the first ever rugged tablet, integrated with a magnetic stripe reader (MSR). Available for both the Flex 10A with Android and the Flex 10B, this is the first MSR to be designed and integrated for rugged tablets, setting a new standard across the mobile computing industry. That's all exciting, but how does our integrated MSR work? 

The Evolution of MSR in Mobile Computing 

First, let's look at the MSR itself. Traditionally found at cash registers, the MSR is able to read the information stored on a card when swiped. Recently, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) systems have become popular options for retail, restaurants, and hospitality businesses. These mPOS systems serve the same function as a traditional cash register, but are on a smartphone or tablet. The MSRs can be clunky and difficult to hold while also trying to balance the device. 

 Integrated MSR: Blending Mobility with Ruggedness 

Thanks to the innovative minds at MobileDemand, this technology has been seamlessly integrated into the Flex 10 family of devices. This allows you to get the mobility benefits of an mPOS with the ruggedness and durability of MobileDemand's products. Powered by MagTek®, this card authentication, patented, and proven technology reliably identifies counterfeit credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ATM cards and ID cards at the point of swipe, before fraud occurs. The integrated case means you only have to worry about holding one item, and more convenience is added with the back hand strap and briefcase handle - a standard for all MobileDemand xCases. 

Empowering Businesses with Rugged MSR Technology 

With this new rugged technology, MobileDemand is empowering businesses to achieve more by expediting payments, patient registration, curbside pickup or drive-through operations, quality assurance checks, and other critical magstripe functions.