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Rugged Tablet Mounting Guide

tablet-mount-bannerFollowing ruggedness, mobility is one of the most important requirements for companies investing in a rugged tablet for their workplace; but sometimes workers need their tablet to become stationary. Having the option to easily switch from handheld to mounted can increase worker efficiency and productivity in a number of industries including field service, manufacturing, retail, and so many more. That's why MobileDemand offers mounting options for every rugged tablet and case we offer. 

Fixed or Stationary Mount Systems 

  • Snap mount MobileDemand's patented Snap Mount technology is the perfect tool if you need your tablet securely mounted in one place one moment, but you need to be on-the-go the next. We offer multiple snap mounts that work with the snap plate found on nearly all our rugged tablets and cases. The quick-release mechanism was designed for fast transitions between the mount and field. 
  • Wall mount For scenarios where carrying a tablet isn't always required, a Standard Wall Mount setup may be an attractive option as a time keeping mechanism, a point-of-sale (POS) device, an interactive display for customers, product guide access, departmental productivity dashboards or even a central location for various inventory checks. 
  • Magnetic mount We also offer a magnetic system so your tablet can be mounted quickly and easily with no drilling required! The magnetic base, with four strong earth magnets, works on any flat metal surface and can hold up to 50 lbs, so it can be trusted to keep a tablet firmly in place. Long Snap Rail, Short Snap Rail, and RAM C-BALL options are available. 

Vehicle Mounts 

Many industries need tablets that can easily move from the field to a vehicle. Our mounting systems can be implemented into vehicles increasing worker efficiency and productivity. There are multiple options for installing mounts inside a vehicle including the dashboard and center-console. However, these methods require drilling directly into the vehicle which may not be an option for some. We offer a solution that does not require any drilling. Thanks to our snap mount system, the mount can be attached to the passenger seat floor bolt, and usually a wrench is all that is needed for installation. 

Our tablet's long-lasting batteries have the potential to last an entire workday, but when running numerous programs and applications you may find you need to power up while in the field. Our tablets can be wired directly to a vehicle battery or auxiliary power outlet, or checkout our Powered Mounting Dock. 

Forklift Mounts 

Utilizing rugged tablets gives businesses an advantage as the device can quickly be removed from a dock or mount to scan barcodes, inspect product, or simply move from the forklift to the field. There are multiple options when it comes to the placement of a mount for forklifts. Here are a few common mounting options: 

  • Bar: Can attach to one of the four vertical cab bars supporting the overhead guard
  • Dashboard: The least amount of visual obstruction
  • Step: Attached to the foot step with a swing arm, this method places the tablet to the side of the operator
  • Overhead guard: Popular for companies that lease their forklifts as this does not require drilling 

We combine our own snap-mount technology with RAM Mounting Systems and Gamber Johnson for the attachment system. This combination provides a sturdy, vibration resistant grip for ease of installation and optimal mobile computing and viewing experiences with any of the mount location options. 

Mounting a rugged tablet is an easy and efficient way to increase productivity while keeping your tablet safe and secure, yet mobile if needed.