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Third Party Review of MobileDemand's Rugged Case and Bundle for Lenovo Tab K10


Trusted rugged computing trade publication, Rugged PC Review, recently reviewed the rugged xCase for the Lenovo Tab K10. Editor Conrad Blickenstorfer provides a highly detailed review of this first-in-market rugged case for the 10-inch, enterprise-ready, Android-based device.

Top Takeaways

  • “Finally you can take an affordable brand name Android tablet out into the field and on tough jobs. The big rubber bumpers of this case show right away that MobileDemand designed it for heavy duty real-life work. As a result, this xCase for the Lenovo Tab K10 is a far more integrated protective solution than your average case.”
  • “The Lenovo tablet by itself is consumer-grade, which means it's well made but definitely not rugged. The xCase for this Lenovo tablet adds a substantially higher degree of extra ruggedness and protection…”
  • “After all is said and done, we're very impressed with this bundle. It extends the concept and execution of MobileDemand's rugged xCase beyond the popular but rather costly iPads and Microsoft Surface tablets, and to a much more affordable 10-inch Android 11 tablet made by Lenovo, the world's largest PC company.”

Read the full review from Rugged PC Review or contact us to learn more about the ruggedized Tab K10.