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Take the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Anywhere with the Protective Rugged xCase

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The Surface Pro 9 is the latest generation of the fan favorite, flagship tablet from Microsoft. Offering the latest Windows 11 operating system and the option for a 5G powered device, the Surface Pro 9 is ready for enterprise use anywhere. But with device investment comes device protection – that’s where the proven rugged xCase comes in. 

Rugged protection 

The xCase enables you to take the Surface Pro 9 anywhere, without worrying that the device will be damaged from drops or spills. With sealed buttons and ports, shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers and a rigid shell, the xCase provides extreme durability and protection. Utilizing a 3rd-party test organization, the Surface Pro 9 xCase has passed a 5-foot drop test a total of 26 times on every face, side, edge, corner, and surface so you can feel confident it will protect your device drop after drop. 

Nearly unlimited mounting options 

Compatible with Ram Mounts extensive eco-system of mounting solutions, the Surface Pro 9 xCase can be mounted virtually anywhere thanks to the included Snap Plate, a key component of MobileDemand’s patented Snap Mount System. Simply snap the xCase onto the optional, easy release Snap Rail for safe and secure mounting on walls, beams, counters, carts, desks, vehicles, and more. 

Enhanced convenience 

The included briefcase handle enables safe transport of the tablet throughout the day, helping to reduce accidental drops while on the move. The ergonomic, glove-fitting back hand strap eliminates the strain that comes from holding a tablet for extended periods of time, reducing hand and wrist pain, while keeping the device securely in the palm of the user’s hand while actively using the device. Also included is the removable bottom rail, which provides the flexibility to fully seal the device or allow for compatibility with a detachable keyboard. Premium accessories include an easel and stylus holder for added functionality. 

Designed for Surface Certified 

The Microsoft Designed for Surface (DfS) program ensures complete compatibility of accessories and peripherals used with Surface devices. The DfS team rigorously tested the xCase, validating the compatibility with the Surface Pro 9, ensuring users of the functionality of the xCase when paired with the device. 

The xCase provides essential device protection for the Surface Pro 9. Now available in pre-assembled bundles in both Standard and Premium versions. Contact MobileDemand or call 319-363-4121 to learn more.