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Add Essential Device Protection to the All-New Surface Go 4 with the Rugged xCase


Microsoft’s line of Surface tablets continues to be a popular solution among consumers and businesses alike. However, Microsoft is further establishing themselves as the best solution for enterprises with the recent announcement of the highly anticipated Surface Go 4, which is available exclusively for enterprises. 

Surface Go Device Enhancements 

This 4th generation device has been upgraded across the board, bringing improvements to overall performance and battery life, to name just a few. The Surface Go 4 boasts the latest Intel N200 processor, which Microsoft claims gives customers up to 80% faster performance. This is an essential feature for business customers needing to run multiple applications at the same time. Windows 11 provides heightened levels of productivity and multitasking abilities, something Microsoft claims users cannot experience today on iPad 10.9 inch.  

Microsoft Designed for Surface Certification 

The internal design of the Surface Go 4 was engineered for the frontline worker to maximize reliability and performance in the field. The field, however, can pose a threat to the hardware, which is why Microsoft, through the Designed for Surface program, certifies third-party commercial-grade accessory providers to create the perfect solution for each unique business. Products with the Designed for Surface accreditation have been thoroughly evaluated and tested by Microsoft’s Designed for Surface team to validate compatibility with their Surface portfolio.  

Rugged xCase for Surface Go 4 

Enter the rugged xCase for Surface Go 4. The xCase adds essential device protection with sealed ports, shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers and a rigid shell. Engineered to meet rigorous mil-standards, the xCase passed a 5-foot drop test a total of 26 times on every face, side, edge, corner, and surface.  

Integrated Productivity Enhancements 

On top of providing device protection, the xCase enables frontline workers to use the device in more ways than ever thanks to a plethora of integrated productivity enhancements including: 

  • MagTek tDynamo or Magstripe reader: For mobile point-of-sale (POS), line-busting, drive-thru ordering or loyalty card swiping.  
  • rf IDEAS WAVE ID NFC reader: For mobile credential-based authentication and identification such as tracking employee attendance or enabling device sign-in. 
  • Honeywell high-performance barcode scanner 
  • Ingenico iSMP4, Link/2500, Link/2500i and Verifone e285 payment brackets 

Mounting Features 

Included with the Surface Go 4 xCase is the Snap Plate which enables the device to be mounted nearly anywhere with the patented Snap Mount system. The plate quickly and easily snaps into the optional mounting rail which can be securely attached to forklifts, counters, work areas, vehicles, beams, carts and more – wherever the work may be. The mount system is engineered for quick insertion and release of the Surface Go yet is tough enough to withstand demanding applications. 

The rugged xCase for Surface Go 4 is backwards compatible with the Surface Go, Go 2 and Go 3. Contact MobileDemand to get started with the all-new Microsoft Surface Go 4 and rugged xCase.