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Equip Retail, Restaurant and Healthcare Staff with a Rugged, Windows Powerhouse Tablet

t1110-blog-banner-1Modern retailers, restaurants and healthcare facilities are continuously seeking ways to implement technology into daily processes – everything from line-busting and drive-thru ordering to patient registration and check-in. At MobileDemand, we are frequently asked for large screen, lightweight devices, without sacrificing ruggedness, for use in retail, restaurants and healthcare operations. 

Enter the xTablet T1110. This all-new, Windows-based rugged tablet was designed to thrive in the hands of retail, restaurant and healthcare staff. The xTablet T1110 is: 

  • Thin and lightweight: At 15-millimeters in depth and just over 2-pounds, the xTablet T1110 is our lightest rugged tablet to-date. The lightweight pairs with the ergonomic, glove-fitting back hand strap enabling users to comfortably hold the device for long periods of time while actively taking orders or registering patients. 
  • Easy to view: Handheld devices and smart phones are frequently seen in customer and patient facing areas. They are easily stored in a pocket and offer a familiar interface for users. However, the small screens can be difficult for users to view, leading to frustrated customers, staff and patients. The 10.1-inch, sunlight viewable display of a rugged tablet ensures the device will thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, preventing eye strain from squinting to read the screen. 
  • Built rugged: Smart phones, consumer-grade tablets and other handheld devices are common industry solutions; however, these devices are constantly at risk of damage. Device downtime can be extremely costly for businesses, which is why we build our tablets rugged from the inside out. The xTablet T1110 has met rigorous military grade standards ensuring protection from accidental drops and has IP65 rated sealed ports to protect from liquids and dust – critical to device, and investment, protection. 
  • A barcode scanner and processing powerhouse: An integrated, high-performance Honeywell® barcode scanner can replace a handheld pistol grip scanner for an all-in-one solution for scanning products, loyalty cards and other necessary data. The full CPU, powerful processor enables faster data transmission of orders and patient data to the backend software, shortening overall wait times and increasing customer and patient satisfaction. 

The xTablet line continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of modern retailers, restaurants and healthcare facilities.