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Shopping for a Rugged Tablet Solution? Consider Ergonomics

ergonomics-blog-bannerWhen it comes to choosing the ideal rugged tablet for your business needs, ergonomic considerations are crucial. As experts in rugged tablet solutions, we understand the key elements that make a tablet not just durable, but also user-friendly and efficient. Here's a deeper look at three ergonomic aspects to consider when selecting a rugged tablet. 

1. Intuitive Design for Enhanced Productivity

Firstly, look for a tablet with intuitive features that enhance productivity. An excellent example is the placement of integrated barcode scanning buttons. Ideally, these buttons should be positioned where a worker's hands naturally grip the tablet. This design eliminates the need to awkwardly turn the tablet or search for the button, allowing workers to activate the scanner effortlessly where their fingers naturally rest. It's these small design details that can significantly streamline workflows and save precious time. 

2. Comfort for Extended Use

In industries where employees are required to hold a tablet for extended periods, such as line-busting in quick-service restaurants (QSRs), ergonomic features become indispensable. Devices like our xTablets and xCases are designed with this in mind, featuring a standard back hand strap and a briefcase handle. These additions not only reduce hand and wrist strain but also make transporting the device extremely convenient. Such ergonomic considerations ensure that workers can use the device comfortably for longer periods, which is essential in fast-paced work environments. 

3. Outdoor Usability and Visibility

Another critical factor is the tablet's screen visibility, especially for workers who frequently operate outdoors. A sunlight-viewable screen is a vital feature, allowing for clear visibility without the need to increase brightness levels excessively. This not only enhances usability in bright environments but also contributes to better battery life due to reduced energy consumption from the display. 

When making this investment, be sure the solution you choose is designed with features that enhance productivity and won’t slow workers down.