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MobileDemand Expands its Line of Productivity Accessories with Smart Scan Handle and Scale for Retail


CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – January 13, 2023 – MobileDemand, provider of rugged tablets, cases and all-in-one mobile computing solutions for enterprise productivity, today announced it will be unveiling its new, modern Bluetooth xScanHandle G200 and xScale S200 at National Retail Federation 2023: Retail’s Big Show in New York City, January 15-17. With complete portability and Bluetooth communication, these smart devices will work wherever merchandise needs to be managed or shipped, adding more functionality and productivity for frontline retail and warehouse workers.

“As complementary add-ons for our rugged tablets and world-class brand tablets from Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo and Apple fitted with our rugged cases, the xScanHandle G200 and xScale S200 further our commitment to expand productivity in the retail environment,” said MobileDemand President and CTO Matt Miller. “Mobile point-of-sale solutions are available with our rugged tablets and cases, so now the same tablet used for sales transactions can also track inventory and manage shipping and receiving with the barcode scanning and weighing functionality of our new smart scan handle and scale.”

xScanHandle G200

The high-performance, Bluetooth 5.2 BLE xScanHandle G200 attaches to MobileDemand rugged tablets and rugged cases enclosing Microsoft Surface, Samsung, Lenovo and Apple tablets, transforming them into barcode scanners for use in retail stores, warehouse and distribution operations. With its pistol grip and intuitive trigger pull, the lightweight xScanHandle G200 is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long hours of scanning. Haptic feedback and LED light indicators, along with an innovatively integrated 100-lumen flashlight, make it easy to use in noisy or dark environments like trailers, coolers or any area with poor lighting.

A larger display on a lighter and thinner tablet provides better viewing than a typical hand-held device allowing faster input for scanning applications that require more detail. A quick-release system on the xScanHandle G200 allows easy removal of the tablet from the scan handle enabling the tablet to be placed on a cart, forklift or otherwise used separately, yet still Bluetooth connected to collect and send barcode data for enterprise applications.

For more device flexibility, a latest generation smartphone with an OtterBox uniVERSE series case can be attached to the scan handle turning the smart phone into a barcode scanner that offers workers a familiar, comfortable and easy-to-use interface, often at a lower cost.

The patent-pending xScanHandle G200 can be flexibly configured with a variety of short to ultra long-range Honeywell scanners that match the device to its possible use cases. It comes with a long-life swappable battery that will last through multiple shifts to prevent downtime. Single and six-bay chargers are available to accommodate multiple scan handles.

xScale S200

The breakthrough xScale S200 is a completely portable, Bluetooth scale that can be used wherever items need to be weighed. Its lightweight, compact form, designed for personal portability, opens to an innovative Y-shape on which items are placed for weighing. The collapsible arms make it easy to carry and use, with a side holster available to work hands free, making the scale conveniently available wherever it’s needed. The fully mobile, wireless solution enables workers to easily move with the scale throughout a facility and measure item weight without having to continually return to a stationary scale, saving substantial time.

Collected data in Imperial or Metric form for shipping, warehouse management or point-of-sale systems is quickly captured by the xScale S200 and available via Bluetooth connection. The 72-hour rechargeable battery means it will easily last through multiple shifts.

The patent-pending xScale S200 can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of MobileDemand’s xDIM Mobile Dimensioning system that easily captures box dimensions anywhere.

Both smart devices will be featured at NRF booth #4268, Jacob K. Javits Center, New York City, NY, January 15 – 17, 2023.

About MobileDemand

MobileDemand is a technology leader in rugged tablets and mobile computing solutions, committed to bringing more functionality and capabilities to the mobile workforce. Specializing in the design of integrated productivity tools for barcode scanning, point-of-sale, magnetic stripe reading, PIN pad entry, 3D and thermal imaging, dimension measurement, and mounting hardware for myriad on-the-go applications, the company is driving the future of mobile productivity. MIL-STD-810G certified, rugged protection features of cases and accessories empower organizations to get more done in the field with rugged tablets that withstand drops, dust, water, humidity and adverse conditions where unprotected electronics fail. Since 2003, the Iowa, USA-based company has grown to serve more than 40 countries. To learn more and contact MobileDemand, visit