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MobileDemand is Launching xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Software

xdim-beta-bannerHiawatha, IA, April 3, 2019 – This week marks the launch of a new patent-pending technology, xDIM™ Mobile Dimensioning software, for use on mobile devices. It’s engineered to measure package dimensions using a specialized 3D camera and then uploaded to a cloud-based dashboard. This will provide companies in warehousing, logistics, supply chain management, shipping and receiving, and courier industries with a more efficient solution for managing packages and arm them with a more rapid return on investment.

"Anything we can do to make cubing, staging, or putaway more efficient, while also reducing costs is going to make for a happy customer,” says John Chis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MobileDemand. And MobileDemand is committed to building solid customer relationships. “If they trust us to solve one problem for them, they’ll trust us to solve the next one too. We are committed to delivering results that our customers can see and count on their bottom line, so that they keep coming back.”

MobileDemand Solves Industry-Wide Problems

MobileDemand is famous for identifying and solving customer challenges with the combination of rugged tablets and the software technology they develop. Not only will xDIM™ Mobile Dimensioning lead the industry to save time, improve efficiencies, and reduce cost (and chargebacks), it also presents companies with an opportunity to increase revenue by charging according to dimensional weight rather than actual weight.

But the “game changer” compared to the fixed (stationary) scanners available in the market today is that users can carry the “scanner”, a MobileDemand rugged tablet armed with an Intel® Real Sense depth camera D415, with them to wherever the packages are located for immediate measurement. No need to relocate them to a scanning station! There’s also no need for a tape measure.

How xDIM Works:

  1. Take xTablet T1150 or 2 rugged tablet cases (made for Surface Go® and Surface Pro® from Microsoft®) offered by MobileDemand, and pair them with the Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D415. There are add-on options, which MobileDemand installs before shipping. (Integrated options are forthcoming.)
  2. Load xDIM™ Mobile, a Windows® based platform onto the tablet, (pre-installed by MobileDemand or available for download) to take instant volume dimensional measurements when and where you need them.
  3. The connected rugged tablet then passes data from xDIM Mobile to xDIM Insight, a cloud-based analytics dashboard.
  4. From there, instantly pass data to the business apps where you need it most via an API.

Today’s Volume Dimensioning Market

This isn’t a new concept – volume dimensioning. It’s been around for several years. Stationary volume measurements are static. They don’t go anywhere. The packages must come to the device, which makes for a slower, clunkier, more time-consuming process. But companies like MobileDemand are pushing the envelope. The product development team asked themselves, “Why not bring the technology to the warehouse or shipping floor where it’s most useful?” – thus eliminating a step in getting a shipment ready to send. Beyond that, why not incorporate this new technology into the rugged tablets these workers already use to do their jobs every day? That’s exactly why the team moved forward in developing this innovative technology. It just so happens to work seamlessly with the rugged xTablets MobileDemand is known for.

Advantages of xDIM Mobile

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning has several advantages over static, stationary dimensioning competitors.

  1. Packages don’t move. Our solution does. MobileDemand brings the ability to measure packages wherever they sit, rather than bringing them to a stationary device. By building a software that integrates with Intel’s RealSense 3D camera on one of our rugged tablet solutions, the volume dimensioning “scanner” is now mobile and very simple to use.
  2. Improve efficiencies with space and time. It gives workers the ability to eliminate space waste while also saving time. Getting accurate measurements without manual physical processes, while also eliminating the need to move packages around before staging or putaway, saves an abundance of time. And having accurate dimensions of packages makes it simple to stack for shipping without wasteful gaps.
  3. Increase Revenue. Reduce costs. With xDIM, you now have the ability to charge shipping by dimensional weight instead of standard weight. It also arms you with more accurate measurements to determine shipping costs, which means a reduction in chargebacks, not to mention a reduction in volume dimension scanning investment costs. Stationary devices can range from $5k-$20k+.
  4. Enable operational and performance insights. Capture data immediately on xDIM Mobile from your rugged tablet, see results in real time from xDIM Insight, the cloud-based analytics dashboard, to easily collaborate with value chain partners.

Become a Beta Tester

For anyone working in an industry like warehousing, logistics, shipping or supply chain who has a good use case for xDIM Mobile Dimensioning reach out to us! MobileDemand is now accepting beta testers from a number of industries.

About MobileDemand

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