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Limited To Take-Out Orders? Try Rugged, Mobile POS


As the world stands today, social distancing is making a huge impact in the ways restaurants are able to operate. Depending on regional restrictions or preference, restaurants may be closing their dining rooms and serving customers through take-out or delivery. However, this scenario may cause new issues to arise when it comes to completing the payment and ordering process. Customers aren't able to enter into the restaurant to complete a payment causing servers to travel back and forth. Others may opt not to pay online or through an app. That's where a mobile POS system comes in. 

Mobile point-of-sale, or mPOS, is a portable point of sale system, usually on a smartphone or tablet, that serves the same function as a traditional cash register. Using mPOS systems in a restaurant, especially when limited to takeout orders, can greatly enhance your business while streamlining workflows. Here's how: 

Order Management 

Rather than having to run back-and-forth between taking the customer's order to inputting it into the POS terminal, workers can send the orders to the kitchen instantly. Orders are submitted to the kitchen faster, lowering the amount of time customers are waiting for their food after ordering. 

Quicker Line Busting 

If you have long lines for takeout orders, having multiple, mobile POS devices in the hands of your workers will keep the lines moving and shorten overall wait times. 

Minimize Hand-to-Hand Contact 

Being able to have a POS system that allows your customers to easily pay and pickup their order without leaving their vehicle is crucial to maintain social distancing while refraining from direct hand-to-hand contact. 

Completion of Payment 

Each step of the payment process can be completed on the mPOS device. Customers can swipe their card with the MobileDemand integrated MSR, select a tip option, and choose the delivery method for their receipt. 

Card Security 

With the MobileDemand integrated MSR, powered by MagTek®, counterfeit credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ATM cards and ID cards are identified at the point of swipe, before fraud occurs. Encryption scrambles the data at the point of swipe, providing instant protection for your business and customers. 


Rugged tablets and cases are protected from drops thanks to the plastic shell and rubber corner bumpers, and the sealed ports prevent damage from spills and dust.