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Is a Mobile, Integrated POS Right For Your Business?

integrated-mpos-bannerImplementing a mobile, integrated POS device has become increasingly popular among retail stores, restaurants, and hospitality businesses. From seamlessly connecting associates to updating inventory in real-time, the technology opens up a world of opportunity, but how do you know if this powerful sales and productivity tool is right for your business? 

Before making the decision to purchase a mobile POS system (mPOS), it is critical that you have a clear understanding of what a mobile point-of-sale system is. Simply put, an mPOS is a portable point of sale system, usually on a smartphone or tablet, that serves the same function of a traditional cash register or POS terminal. This allows businesses to conduct transactions in a more versatile way, without having to be stuck at one place. 

As you begin to research different options and general pros and cons, ask yourself if your business would benefit from the following: 

Minimize Hand-to-Hand Contact 

Social distancing is now expected by consumers. Being able to have a POS system that allows your customers to easily pay and pickup their order without leaving their vehicle is crucial to capturing as many sales as possible while maintaining social distancing. Check out other ways rugged tablets are streamlining this process. 

Efficient Line Busting 

With the MobileDemand xTablet Flex family of devices optionally integrated with magnetic stripe readers (MSR), customers can make a purchase anywhere on the sales floor. With line-busting, lines are reduced and move faster, decreasing wait times and lowering the chances of losing a sale, providing a better customer experience. 

Greater Card Security 

The MagTek® technology is a card authentication, patented, and proven technology which reliably identifies counterfeit credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ATM cards and ID cards at the point of swipe, before fraud occurs. Encryption scrambles the data when swiping, providing instant protection. Ensuring the safety of transactions is crucial to earning your customers' trust. 

Increased Sales and Conversion 

A study conducted by global research firm IHL Group, found that retailers who enabled mPOS technology saw average sales increase by 24% in 2017. Rather than being stuck behind a register, mPOS allows associates to roam through the sales floor making suggestions and employing upselling and cross-selling techniques, increasing opportunities for conversions and sales. 

Investment in Future 

Our integrated mPOS system is completely customizable to work with your processor and comes ready to plug and play. Plus, our lineup of rugged tablets and cases ensures the protection of your device, drop after drop. These features will ensure your investment is both protected and a perfect fit for your business.