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Rugged xCase for Lenovo Tab K11: World-Class Device Meets Real-World Protection

tabk11-blog-bannerMobileDemand continues to elevate the standard for rugged tablet protection with the introduction of the xCase for Lenovo's Tab K11. As enterprises increasingly rely on leading Android technology to power their operations, the demand for durable and reliable protective solutions has never been greater. The xCase meets this need by enabling businesses to deploy the Tab K11 in a variety of challenging environments, from bustling warehouse floors and demanding field service roles to dynamic retail spaces and critical healthcare settings. By safeguarding the Tab K11 from accidental drops, spills, and other hazards, the xCase enhances productivity and ensures that your mobile workforce remains efficient and effective.

Industry Use Cases


  • Automated Patient Check-In: Streamline patient check-in, registration, and health history collection with a self-service ruggedized tablet, reducing wait times and improving the overall patient experience.
  • Real-Time Asset Management: Access critical medical asset inventory levels in real-time, ensuring that essential items are always available and preventing delays in patient care.


  • Self-Serving Kiosks and Digital Signage: Utilize the Tab K11 for self-serving kiosks or digital signage throughout the storefront for accessible and convenient customer service
  • Efficient Order Fulfillment: Fulfill customer orders from the back room or shop floor, with mobile real-time access to inventory data across channels.


  • Tracking and Tracing: Accurately track and trace raw materials, parts and components at every point in the production process.
  • Quality Management: Identify, isolate and eliminate quality management issues before they become greater issues.

Field Service

  • Real-Time Navigation and Documentation: Access GPS directions to job sites and view necessary documentation in real-time, enhancing on-site efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Service Documentation: Capture photos of completed repairs and customer signatures using the Tab K11, streamlining the service process and ensuring comprehensive records.

xCase Features

Proven Rugged

  • The xCase’s shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers, rigid shell and sealed buttons and ports combine to offer unmatched device protection. Proven ruggedness is achieved through rigorous Military STD-810H drop testing, consisting of 26 drops to all sides and surfaces from an astounding 10 feet.


  • From forklifts and vehicles to carts and desks, the Tab K11 can be mounted nearly anywhere thanks to the included Snap Plate – a key piece in MobileDemand’s patented Snap Mount System. Direct wire kits are also available to provide continuous power to the device.

Easy to Carry and Hold

  • Included with the Tab K11 xCase is an easy-carry briefcase handle and back hand strap with elastic bands for secure, comfortable device control on the move or in use. Removable bottom rail for easy device insertion and removal.

Ready-to-Deploy Bundles

  • For added convenience and quick deployment, bundle your preferred Lenovo Tab K11 version pre-assembled with the xCase and pre-applied screen protector.

MobileDemand's launch of the xCase for the Lenovo Tab K11 is a game-changer for enterprises across various industries. By providing superior protection and enhancing the functionality of the Tab K11, the xCase ensures that businesses can operate efficiently in demanding environments.