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Introducing the 3rd Generation in the xTablet T1600 Series: The xTablet T1690

t1680-c1d2-blog-bannerIntroducing the xTablet T1690, the 3rd generation device in the customer favorite xTablet T1600 series. The high-end device offers the latest technological advancements plus the highest levels of performance and protection for field service and frontline workers who rely on rugged devices to streamline mission-critical tasks and workflows, improving productivity in the most demanding industries, including agriculture, warehousing and manufacturing. 

Performance. Performance. Performance. 

The xTablet T1690 features the most powerful processor ever offered from MobileDemand. The Intel® 12th Generation Core processor boasts a remarkable 125% performance boost over its predecessor. The processor ensures seamless enterprise data collection and management and enables multiple applications to be run simultaneously, without slowing the device down. 

The docking eco-system 

The xTablet T1600 series thrives when paired with the all-encompassing docking eco-system, and the xTablet T1690 is no different. The powered dock withstands the constant vibrations common on forklifts, tractors or other vehicles, keeping the device safe and secure. Direct-wire kits ensure the device is always powered up, critical for industries where downtime isn’t an option. A full QWERTY keyboard can be integrated into the tablet, transforming the device into a rugged laptop for easier data entry. 

Stay connected anywhere 

Enterprise data collection and management is seamless thanks to the latest generation of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6E provides exceptional, unmatched wireless capability and improved network performance while supporting more users, even in congested environments such as large warehouses. The latest Bluetooth® V5.2 enables smoother and faster pairing capabilities. For companies with large warehouses or yards that struggle to maintain connectivity, the xTablet T1690, paired with the powered dock mentioned above, ensures workers remain online and connected throughout the entirety of the terminal, preventing costly downtime, thanks to an external Wi-Fi antenna. 

Continued innovation 

The xTablet T1690 isn't just a device; it's a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances productivity, ensures constant connectivity, and offers the durability that frontline workers need to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. As the newest member of the esteemed xTablet T1600 series, the xTablet T1690 sets a new standard for rugged devices, reaffirming MobileDemand's commitment to innovation and quality in serving the needs of the most demanding industries.