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Stop Glaring at Your Screen with Glare-Free Screen Protectors

anti-glare-bannerHaving complete screen visibility is crucial for frontline workers, but an intense glare or a shattered screen can halt work on the spot. A shattered screen may take your tablet out of commission for days when it needs to be sent in for repair. That's why MobileDemand offers the ultimate addition to your rugged tablets: an anti-glare screen protector. 

Strengthened glass provides the maximum level of protection, with scratch and chip resistance as well. Plus, the oleophobic coating combats fingerprints, leaving the screen smudge-free. 

On top of the strengthened glass is a special chemically etched, rather than sprayed on, coating that is designed to resist the glare caused by the sun or bright lights. This enables operators to more easily utilize the tablets without squinting or tilting the device. This is especially helpful for workers who spend a great deal of time outdoors, like those in field service, transportation, law enforcement, or the energy industry. 

Unlike spray-on technology, our screen protector won't peel off and is perfectly adhered to the device. In addition, writing on etched glass has a similar feeling to writing with a pen on paper, which can feel more natural to those who need to write a lot. 

At MobileDemand we are determined to provide your frontline workers with the tools they need to be more productive. Our screen protectors are designed to make it easier for workers to do their jobs wherever they might be – even outside.