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Customization is Key When it Comes to Rugged Tablets

custom-bannerIn order for your business to get the maximum return on your rugged tablet investment, you need to make sure the solution truly meets the needs of your business. Did you ensure all needed add-ons are available with the solution you chose? Are others able to be added if your daily operations shift?

As your business evolves, your rugged devices should too. That's where a customized solution comes in. When you invest in a rugged tablet, you have the ability to get more than just the device itself. You have multiple additional options that can further enhance productivity and efficiency.

Rugged Add-Ons Include

  • Keyboard: A detachable keyboard can significantly improve the ease and speed of data entry, making it ideal for tasks that involve extensive typing.
  • 3D camera: Enables use of mobile dimensioning software to capture item and pallet dimensions by simply aiming a rugged tablet at the object.
  • Barcode scanner: Streamlines processes like inventory tracking, reducing errors and saving time in retail or warehouse settings.
  • Payment devices: Allows for seamless integration of various payment methods, enhancing customer service and sales processes.
  • NFC reader: Ideal for quick and secure authentication processes such as device sign-in or employee attendance tracking.
  • Mount and docks: Ensures the tablet can be securely mounted in various environments, like vehicles or fixed workstations, increasing its utility.

At MobileDemand, we can create a custom solution to meet your business's unique needs. We are constantly improving and adding additional ways for your business to achieve more, anywhere.