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Top 4 Benefits of Enterprise Devices in Healthcare

top-4-healthcare-bannerMany healthcare facilities are looking to enable their workers with mobile technology solutions. When choosing devices, it is important to understand the benefits of choosing enterprise devices, rather than consumer grade devices. Here are four of our top reasons for choosing enterprise devices in healthcare.

1. Enhanced Patient Experience

Patient wellbeing is the top priority for any healthcare facility, and implementing technology should enhance the patient experience, not take away from it. Enterprise devices designed for all-day use in healthcare settings will ensure patients experience the utmost care from their providers. If a device fails, critical time and attention are taken away from the patient to troubleshoot the system.

2. Add-On Ready

Enterprise-grade tablets can easily be customized with add-ons to create a complete solution for your clinic or hospital's unique needs. These include barcode scanners, NFC/RFID scanning, and credit card readers. Mounting solutions allow tablets to be mounted on a wheeled cart that can be used for effortless, hands-free viewing by patients and doctors for virtual communication.

3. Integrated System Solutions

Multiple care teams treat a patient during their visit; therefore it is crucial that teams have unified communication platforms to indicate where someone is in the patient journey. Enterprise tablets are designed to seamlessly integrate between your software systems, necessary applications, communication platforms, and EMR/EHR systems.

4. Rugged

Consumer grade devices are not designed for the hustle and bustle of a hospital or clinic. The devices need to be protected from rough handling, especially the harsh chemicals used for sanitizing and cleaning. Rugged tablets and cases provide protection from the day-to-day happenings in healthcare settings. 

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