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Top 3 Findings from the 2022 ASCM CONNECT Annual Conference

ascm-bannerThe 2022 ASCM CONNECT Annual Conference brought supply chain professionals together from far and wide for a conference packed full of education and networking. We break down our top 3 findings from the conference below.

1. Supply chains thrive on continuous improvement

As market volatility becomes the norm for today’s supply chain, it’s essential to continuously seek out areas for internal process improvement while also staying up to date on key industry trends. Doing so will enable you to plan for strategic improvements both now and in the future. Conference attendees were seeking solutions for everything from improving warehouse storage efficiency to automating their data collection process. Key industry trends were also discussed, as ASCM’s Research, Innovation and Sensing Committee shared the top 10 supply chain trends for 2023.

2. Supply chains are not immune to the global economy and effects of inflation

Unfortunately, the global supply chain network has not, and will not, be immune to inflation or the ever-imminent threat of economic recession. Attendees frequently mentioned their need to find cost-effective problem-solving solutions with a quick return-on-investment (ROI). Solutions that would be immediately beneficial, with easy installation and integration into their existing systems.

3. Supply chain disruption is just beginning

The lasting effects of the global pandemic continue to be a topic of concern for supply chain professionals. Attendees discussed the agility needed when faced with catastrophic situations or problems. During a keynote presentation by former U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, he ominously said, “We’re in for a lot more disruption. We’re in for many more shocks and a series of cascading crises. Buckle in.”

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