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xDIM Mobile Solves Dimensioning Problems with a Portable Solution

Dimensioning just got easier. 


Whether you stock and store thousands of SKUs or have an ever-changing list of parcels for last-mile delivery, having accurate dimensional data is critical in enabling smooth operations and making sound business decisions, both of which have a significant impact on a supply chain environment's bottom line. 

Why Dimension? 

Dimensional data can be used to optimize storage space in warehouses, distribution centers, trucks, and other supply chain environments. Having precise and accurate dimensional data enables products to be slotted or stored as efficiently as possible. Dimensioning also aids in the shipment process. Most shipping companies no longer charge only by weight, but also include the package size in their pricing model. Package dimensions must be accurate when communicated to freight handlers to avoid costly audit fees. 

So why isn’t everyone doing it? 

Today’s Solutions 

Taking measurements and weights by hand is slow and error prone, with mistakes being costly to fix. 

While this may work for companies with few SKUs, the time and resources needed to grab a tape measure, measure each dimension, then record the data is high. This also leaves room for human error at multiple steps in this process. 

Stationary dimensioning systems are inflexible and labor-intensive, which leads to disuse. 

A stationary system is just that, stationary. The additional time spent moving products to and from ultimately decreases your workers’ productivity. Locating a box, bringing it to the dimensioner, recording the data, and returning the box to its original location can be so time consuming that many have resorted back to taking hand measurements while their dimensioning system gathers dust. 

Which brings us to xDIM: 

Fast, accurate, and mobile makes dimensioning easy! 

For environments that demand flexibility and mobility in their processes, a rugged MobileDemand tablet with a 3D camera and xDIM software, powered by 4DMobile, makes dimensioning both portable and hassle-free. Accurate measurements can be taken without having to transport the item to a stationary system. Workers can reach maximum productivity by utilizing a single device for dimensioning, scanning, and other applications like near-field RFID. 

The necessity for accurate dimensioning is quickly increasing, but so is the available technology. Thanks to xDIM, box measurement processes are quicker and more efficient than ever before. Our rugged tablets integrated with a 3D camera are the perfect solution for on-the-go dimensioning even in harsh environments. For more information on the benefits of xDIM, visit, contact us, or call 319-249-5099 to learn more.