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Sun & Ski Sports Gains 25% E-Commerce Order Efficiency with Rugged Tablets

a Sun & Ski Sports employee scans a package with a rugged tablet from MobileDemand

Sun & Ski Sports is a United States based specialty sporting goods retail company headquartered in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. Established in 1980, Sun & Ski Sports currently has 31 stores stretching coast to coast across 12 states. 

Sun & Ski Sports is undergoing a self-described “technological metamorphosis,” according to Sean Rutherford, SVP of IT and Logistics.

The company recently upgraded its backbone network service to all fiber which is much faster. During and post-COVID pandemic, the company tackled the creation of electronic work and ski tickets. Currently the majority of their e-commerce fulfillment is performed in the stores. Associates used to complete work orders and fulfillment using paper, and each store printed a daily to-do sheet. Sun & Ski Sports knew their new e-commerce provider had fulfillment software, so they started investigating tablets to support that software.

The goal was to allow their associates to “literally walk around the store with a scanner” to fulfill the orders. Part of the correct order validation process for Sun & Ski Sports is scanning to ensure the product is correct. They also wanted to pull up the workshop tickets to engage right at the location with the customer.

The first mobile tablet option they explored was not fast enough for them. They also knew the retail environment could be rough on devices, so Sean knew a rugged tablet solution with faster processing rates was what Sun & Ski Sports needed.

Download the full case study to learn how Sun & Ski Sports gained 25% e-commerce order efficiency.