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RLS Logistics Modernizes Operations, Elevates Productivity, and Reduces Costs with Rugged xCase for Surface Go


RLS Logistics is a family-owned New Jersey based third-party logistics company with nationwide satellite cold storage warehouses. Customers rely on RLS to manage their complicated frozen and refrigerated cold chain solutions and they have been named one of the top third-party logistics companies in America. 

Customer Challenge 

The company previously utilized rugged handheld devices in their storage facilities for several years. As the devices aged, they were running slow, didn’t support the latest operating systems, and were expensive to replace. With operations heavily relying on the use of forklifts, RLS sought out a solution that could be securely mounted on forklifts and withstand the rough handling and environment of their facilities on a daily basis. Additionally, the company was transitioning to a new warehouse management system (WMS) and the existing technology did not support the software. 

Through internal research, the company deployed a fleet of Microsoft® Surface Go tablets to migrate to the new WMS and partnered with MobileDemand to protect the devices with the proven rugged xCase for Surface Go. At an attractive price point, the company was excited about its mounting capabilities and possibilities for additional add-ons to boost productivity even further. 

MobileDemand Solution 

RLS Logistics currently uses the proven rugged xCase for Surface Go for ultimate device protection from the everyday wear and tear in a rough environment. The Designed for Surface® (DfS) certified case is built for exceptional durability, creating a one-of-a-kind productivity tool that extends the life and usefulness of the device. Its built-in snap plate enables quick and secure mounting to forklifts. 

Forklift mounted rugged tablets with Windows® or Android operating systems are replacing traditional data collection forklift mounted devices (both handheld and mounted). Rugged tablets have the advantage of being removed and used off the forklift—to scan barcodes, inspect products, or simply move from one forklift to another, quickly and easily. MobileDemand products are compatible with RAM Mounting System and Gamber Johnson attachment hardware, providing a sturdy, vibration resistant grip for ease of installation and optimal computing and viewing experience. 


Deploying the tablets involved a successful collaboration between Kevin Fluck, Technology Support and Infrastructure Manager, and Mike Fischer, Director of Operations. Implementation took three to four months given they had to overcome monumental changes: A new WMS coupled with new infrastructure and hardware. They expressed the adoption overall was simple and training employees on the new technology was noticeably faster than previous implementations. 

Both IT and Operations departments noted significant savings in cost and time spent on processes thanks to the versatility and performance of the Surface Go. “Processing and scanning speeds have increased drastically from the old hardware,” Fisher shared. Regarding cost savings, the team anticipated needing to replace the hardware within six months from initial deployment. Now in use for two and half years, the tablets have surpassed their expectations by five times—achieved through proven device protection of the DfS certified rugged xCase and the dependability of Surface devices. 

The simplicity of the case’s patented Snap Mount System is another favorable feature of the case, contributing to the company’s time savings when transferring devices to and from the forklifts. Overall, the team is impressed with the Surface xCase product line and the continued development of productivity add-ons. As RLS expands and develops its operations in the future, the xCase for Surface Go will continue to evolve and grow with it.