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Patrol Cars Receive Technology Upgrade with First In-Car Rugged Tablets

Police department replaces pen and paper data collection with rugged tablets 

signal-police-bannerThe Signal Mountain Police Department is comprised of fifteen full-time officers who address a wide range of enforcement and service issues including active neighborhood patrol, traffic enforcement, drug detection and enforcement, investigations, call response, and community services. With such a wide array of duties, it was difficult for the department to keep up with their antiquated pen and paper methods. When they decided to upgrade, MobileDemand rugged tablets became their first in-car computer systems. 

Customer Challenge 

Starting from scratch, the Signal Mountain Police Department not only had to install computers in their vehicles, they also had to establish connectivity with the 911 center and the new records management office at the police station. There were lots of questions but few answers when they first started their technology project. What they did know was they were ready to leave their time-consuming paper and pen methods behind them and move their technology forward with a MobileDemand upgrade. 

MobileDemand Solution 

MobileDemand’s Sales and Support Teams made vital recommendations based on conversations with Signal Mountain Police Department’s IT expert. The recommendations were brought to their police chief for review. Mike Williams, Signal Mountain Police Chief stated, “We received a high level of customer service – they [MobileDemand] were able to make recommendations for a custom solution since we were starting from scratch and had to stay within our budget.” The xTablet T1600 with wired vehicle mount was the solution they were looking for. With the quality of the xTablet T1600 meeting their needs, its size was perfect for mounting in their vehicles and the cost was well within their budget. 


With their MobileDemand products installed, officers now have access to state and federal resources at the tips of their fingers. Officers can run tags, check for warrants, and eliminate the need to request information over the radio. As soon as a clerk takes a call at their 911 center, a notification pops up on the officers’ MobileDemand tablet before dispatch has even connected with the officer. This enables them to be even more efficient and responsive. 

With the equipment in their cars, officers now have access to policies and procedures on-the-go. They no longer need to return to the station to gain access to a desktop computer for information. Instead, they can stay out on the streets where they are needed, gaining greater visibility in their town and helping keep their citizens safe. Police and local citizens alike are proud of the technology upgrade that’s been providing them a safer community.