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Hawkins County Rescue Squad Increases Service Speeds and Efficiencies with Vehicle Mounted Rugged iPads


Since 1958, Hawkins County Rescue Squad (HCRS) has been providing essential emergency rescue services to the western half of Hawkins County, Tennessee. Governed and staffed entirely on a volunteer basis, the 501(c)3 non-profit provides emergency rescue services for citizens of Hawkins County and surrounding communities, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days per year.

Customer Challenge

On service calls, HCRS had been using pen and paper to record and track mission-critical information. However, with new programming designed for use on iOS-based devices, they began the hunt for an iPad solution. “I wanted to find a case that was durable for our line of work that could be removed from the vehicle,” said Corey Young, HCRS Communications Officer. “I also wanted a mount that we could install in our vehicles that would hold the iPad in the case. That was a hard task until I found MobileDemand’s products.”

MobileDemand Solution

“I was highly impressed with MobileDemand’s products as soon as I started looking at them and knew these would serve our agency well. I found different products that worked as a case and some as a mount, but very few that would work together. On top of that, the price of those products was hundreds of dollars more than the price of MobileDemand’s products. For a volunteer non-profit agency, I had to take that into consideration as well,” Young explained.


HCRS has installed iPads encased in the rugged xCase in its service vehicles mounted to the dash with the Snap Rail Mount. The Snap Rail enables secure mounting of the iPads to the vehicle’s dashboards. Especially important is the speed and ease of use of the patented Snap Mount system, as volunteers need to be on the scene with the device as quickly as possible. The quick release snap lever enables quick and easy removal and insertion of the iPads. The Snap Mount pairs with RAM® Mounts interchangeable ball and socket system providing shock and vibration damping for the tablet while the vehicle is on the move. “We use these iPads on server calls for service including motor vehicle crashes to complete different reports,” said Young.

Thus far, HCRS has installed iPads into three of its vehicles, with plans to add them into their remaining vehicles in the coming months.

“The products we have purchased from you have been very durable and well worth the money,” Young explained.